Guide for Cleaning in Hotels

Visual and impeccable clean guarantees the brand image of a hotel.

Visual and impeccable clean guarantees the brand image of a hotel. Whether it is to restore the room in the event of a re-bed or to completely clean a room after the departure of the customer, hotel cleaning meets reinforced hygiene needs which comply with the standards in force in this sector activity.

This article offers you points of reference for setting up specifications that meet your needs as closely as possible.

Preparing to clean a hotel room

Carrying out professional cleaning in the hotel industry requires appropriate means so that each intervention is flawless and the rooms are in perfect condition for the customers. It starts with a list of must-have equipment, tools and  maintenance products .

Special hotel cleaning equipment

  • A  cleaning trolley that includes all the items needed for cleaning: clean linen products, welcome products, trash bag dirty linen bag. Some valet trolleys are equipped with removable bins to be transported to the rooms
  • Sponges or microfiber cloths of different colors to avoid cross-contamination
  • A lightweight, durable vacuum cleaner that’s easy to use and maintain
  • A mono rush is a good solution for polishing floors or cleaning carpets
  • A telescopic handle and a wolf head brush for hard to reach places
  • A trapeze broom for wet sweeping smooth and hard floors
  • A flat mop and microfiber headbands for washing floors

    Special hotel cleaning products
  • Neutral detergent for cleaning surfaces, cleaning windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces
  • Specific treatment products suitable for floors (marble, thermoplastic tiles, parquet, etc.)
  • Cleaning and disinfectant products for the bathroom and all sanitary facilities
  • Descaling gel for toilet bowls
  • White vinegar for faucets, toothbrushes
  • Air freshener to be sprayed at the end of the cleaning operation to leave a pleasant smell of freshness and cleanliness in the room

Cleaning a hotel room: what work organization?

In hotels, rooms are cleaned within a limited time. Only a good organization of work makes it possible to link the operations quickly without yielding anything on the quality. The procedure is based on a simple rule.

1) A 1st pass

  • Ventilate the room.
  • Put cleaning products in the bathroom.
  • Take out the dirty: empty the bins, take out the dirty laundry (sheets, blankets, pillowcases, bedspreads, duvets, towels, etc.).

2) A 2nd pass

  • Spray the products on each surface and leave to act (bedroom and bathroom).
  • Make the bed.
  • Clean and wet wipe high surfaces from top to bottom and from clean to dirty.
  • Clean the bathroom: bath and/or shower, sink, mirror, toilet, accessories, brush holder, etc.
  • Install clean bathroom linen.
  • Reinstall the client’s belongings in the event of a re-bed.
  • Check consumables (toilet paper, toilet bag, paper tissues, etc.).
  • Provide welcome products, stationery and fill the mini-bar in case of a clean room.

3) A 3rd pass

  • Clean the bathroom floor.
  • Vacuum the carpet, armchairs, curtains,  made-to-measure entrance mats , etc.
  • Clean the floor (wet sweep, vacuum or wash) working backwards – starting from the bottom of the chamber and working towards the exit; put the furniture back in place as you go.
  • Close the windows.
  • Put the trash can back in the bathroom.
  • Self-check the work done.

# We will remember

For effective cleaning, it is important to master the basics of cleaning.

  • Sinner ‘s  Circle : Explains the four factors involved in cleaning operations.
  • The pH scale (Hydrogen potential): the pH determines the effectiveness of implementation techniques. The pH expresses the degree of acidity or alkalinity of a solution on a scale of 0 (very acidic) to 14 (very basic) through 7 (neutral pH)
  • Surfactants: they have washing power and are added to detergent solutions to complement the natural chemical action of water.
  • The dilution of cleaning products: overdosing or underdosing cancels the effectiveness of a product and mistreats surfaces which can become dull and sticky. Always respect the dilution rate recommended by the manufacturers and indicated on the product label.

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