Guide on Custom Boxes Packaging: Types of Boxes and their Main Uses

Custom Boxes

There is a box to fit your needs, regardless of the type of package you’re sending. It’s just a matter of knowing which kind of box you have to pick.

Quality Custom Boxes have several elements in common that contribute to the overall brand experience of your customers.

Now, let’s look at a few of the most standardized and common types of boxes and how they can protect and promote brand your product at a similar time.

Folding Carton Boxes

Once upon a time, high-end products were added into packaging in folding carton boxes. Folding carton boxes are popular to be among the most common and most well-known types of containers available today.

Boxes made of paperboard are commonly available for packaging most products you’ll see in stores. On one or both of both ends of the carton boxes, there is a tuck flap.

You can use folding carton boxes to ship clothes, candles, or other lightweight items securely and safely and ensure your package reaches your customers.

Rigid Boxes

Sturdier, more durable boxes are available for your product. The more robust materials in them prevent them from collapsing as quickly as traditional boxes. It is often separately wrapped with something else to help soften rigid-style boxes and add a touch of “brandability” to all of them.

Full Overlap Boxes

The outside flaps of these boxes overlap the box’s width, enhancing durability and providing an excellent platform for your creativity. Packaging perfection!

Telescope Boxes

The lid of this type of box can be removed similarly to how the telescope cap covers the lens. These boxes are often delivered upon an unboxing feel and sophistication to luxury products.

Collapsible Boxes

Consumers and manufacturers alike favor collapsible boxes. Product manufacturers can design them however they want, ideal for branding initiatives. Hence, they are easily collapsible and can be reused, making them popular with customers. Further, their collapsible feature reduces the cost of shipping.

Roll End Tuck Top Boxes

Even though this type of box has a rather complicated name, the way it works is anything but complex. If the ends are folded and tucked into the front, the box holds well without glue or tape.

This box style is frequently used to ship baked goods, and the design options are endless. A transparent top of the box showcases the food inside, appealing for delectable foods.

Mailer Boxes

There is no need for additional Custom Packaging for these boxes, which can be shipped directly in the mail. FabFitFun and the like deliver their subscription boxes in stunning mailer boxes.

Shoulder Boxes

The unique style of this box isn’t commonly seen, but that also makes it more noticeable when you see it. There is no such contact between the lid and the base of the box. The product is located in the middle. The shoulder is the part of the box that has no contact with the lid.

Making the box stand out, even more, is possible by contrasting colors with the product in the center.

Regular Slotted Container Boxes

The flaps of these boxes are hence the same length, so small and lightweight items can be shipped individually. However, by allowing only external and print designs to be edited upon, this convenience comes at the expense of some design features.

Corrugated Boxes

Although heavy products are often shipped up in rigid boxes, a corrugated box will work well if a rigid box is too heavy. Therefore, corrugated material is available for rigid boxes, so they maintain their structural integrity even when stacked up. As a result, the items which are part of it are fully secure from further damage. This is why moving boxes of this type are ideal.

Die-cut window box packaging

Window packages are hence becoming increasingly very popular. Therefore, they are used to display products in an eye-catching manner. You can use cardboard, corrugated paper, or Kraft paper for making these items.

The window can be entirely shaped up in various ways. Various types of shapes are available. There is no specific type of window. The die-cut window can convert any kind into a window box. It is so popular that it can fully convert any type into a window packaging box.

Chinese take-out boxes

This type of box is familiar to most of us. Chinese food is hence commonly packaged in these boxes. Other restaurants also use these packages for take-out purposes.

Different types of lids are available. Some come with a bi-fold cover. Many of them also feature a tetra food lid. Many of them have handles as well. The top area of the bag is quite a lot smaller than the overall surface base. This makes them look like cones. Many brands hence need to have custom boxes.

Different types of custom boxes with logo packages are accessible by businesses to package their products.

Which box packaging is best for you?

The foldable carton is a popular packaging choice. The shipping method has become a billion-dollar industry since its introduction to the world of packaging more than a century ago. Find something which suits your requirements of product display. Make sure it should match the product to make it look impressive.

You can even choose a wide variety of packaging setups by simply folding other fiberboards or paperboards. Packaging systems are popular and hence love out a lot because of their convenience and ease of use, whether the system includes a window to look inside or a locking system to add structure and protection.


There have been many types of custom boxes that are available in the market over the last few years. Products can be added up in packaging in various ways with these custom boxes. This is because versatile cardboard, Kraft, or corrugate material stock is accessible to manufacture them. Packaging can be customized in a wide range of ways to suit a variety of great uses.

Most brands use a variety of packaging for their products, and many businesses wonder which is the most popular type. This article shows some of our top leading and favorite packaging types. Business users often choose from the following packages to get various products.


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