Guide to cleaning and disinfection in sport facility

Cleaning and disinfection in gyms is a decisive factor capable of improving or worsening the experience and perception of users in these spaces.

Cleaning and disinfection in gyms is a decisive factor capable of improving or worsening the experience and perception of users in these spaces.

 Gyms are spaces intended mainly for the leisure of users. This means that, frequently, members become more demanding, especially in terms of cleaning and disinfection.  

This must be clear in any space of the gym, from the machine room, through the pool to the cafeteria.  

Next, we will learn what guidelines are necessary for professional cleaning and disinfection in gyms. 

 Cleaning and disinfection in the weight rooms 

 The weight rooms or machine rooms are spaces in which the proliferation of germs is higher because of factors such as sweat. 

To keep the rooms in good condition we can: 

 Place paper dispensers so that users can clean/dry the machines between shifts of the cleaning service.

  • Promote the use of clean towels among users so that they place them on the machines and thus prevent them from being impregnated with sweat. 
  • During cleaning and disinfection, use non-woven fabric cloths for greater particle dragging and absorption capacity.  
  • Use mops for quick and effective cleaning of both floors and vertical surfaces. 

 Cleaning and disinfection in the pool 

 Many sports centers also have water areas. The large amounts of humidity present in spaces with swimming pools encourage the proliferation of germs, but especially fungi.  

To keep these spaces clean we must: 

 Clean with anti- limescale products (pH less than 5) to avoid embedded dirt residues .

  • Use squeegees for removal of large amounts of water, also an optimal option in case solid and liquid waste have to be removed at the same time. 
  • It must carry disinfection out with specific products that have a fungicidal capacity for the prevention and elimination of fungi
  • Place dispensers with disposable leggings for cleaning staff. Thus, the germs or dirt that may be on the shoes are not transferred to the surfaces of the pool area. 


Cleaning and disinfection in bathrooms and changing rooms 

 Changing rooms are a key place for cleaning and disinfection in gyms.  

In the same way that occurs in swimming pools, high humidity levels encourage the appearance of germs. 

In addition, they are the transition space where the “street clothes” are mixed with those that will be used in the gym. 

These spaces must present all the comforts to improve the user experience in gyms: 

 Placing large – capacity paper dispensers to guarantee product availability and space out replacement times. Products are an attractive and inclusive option.

  • Install soap dispensers for body and hair in the showers. Thus, members do not have to worry about bringing personal hygiene products from home. 
  • Use paper to dry your hands instead of air dryers since it is a much more hygienic option and also slows down the spread of germs. 
  • Hand hygiene is a strategic action with avoiding infections. 

 Following this line, the installation of dispensers with products for hand disinfection considerably improves the personal hygiene of users and stops the proliferation of germs in the gym‌. To achieve the impeccable level of cleaning outsourcing a professional cleaning company to do the deep cleaning in your behalf is always a better option.


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