Hair Extension Boxes Awe Inspiring Ideas Are Truly the Winner for Your Brand

Custom Hair Extension Boxes

Custom hair extension boxes are genuinely the champ for the progress of your brand image. If you are creating those appealing wigs and thinking of creating them eye-catching, then, at that point, external designing is the ultimate solution. While choosing the hair wig boxes you can really make the distinction on the lookout.

Go through the blog to know the most alluring designs to change the whole look of your packaging. Look at the below-listed design ideas to modify the custom hair extension packaging:

Patterned Hair Extension Boxes

The addition of the patterns on the hair wig boxes is a great idea. The dots engraving is an astounding idea to enhance your brand image. You can encase the lightweight hair extensions within these patterned design boxes to get the maximum attention. However, do pick a theme to provide your boxes with a pleasant look and quality.

Further, you can enhance the text of the custom hair extension box by adding foiling features such as gold and silver foiling.

Straight Strips Design

The addition of the bright strips on the hair wig boxes looks dazzling. Go for picking the contracting color strips in italic style on the packaging. However, this is the greatest style that you can add to the boxes for encasing the colorful hair extensions. This kind of packaging will amazingly attract the young crowd towards your product.

The colorful packaging on the shelves looks wonderful as compared to the plain packaging.

Geometric Artwork

The geometrical artwork can amazingly enhance the outlook of the boxes. While planning the boxes utilize every last trace of the packaging feature to make the boxes look eye-enamoring. The boxes within the shape of square, hexagon, octagon, and so on the shape will look awesome.

Further, the inclusion of the window feature on the box will attract onlookers instantly. So, for designing your boxes incredibly.

Botanical Artwork Packaging

To make hair extension box packaging a little interesting, draw out the botanical artwork while utilizing the knowledge of plants and flowers. For instance, you can add the graphical images of the daffodils on the external box.

Moreover, you can change the background of the box to a light color and add the dark green leave on the outside of the boxes. Try to align the graphics of the boxes with the hair extensions which you will go to place within it.

Basic Kraft Boxes

Kraft is the best color to add beauty to the boxes. The biodegradable material gives a hearty feel to the boxes. You can use these kraft boxes for encasing your elegant wigs. Go for including the die-cut feature on the boxes.

On this box add a rectangular artwork with the help of the gold foiling and add the name of the wigs range and the color. The brilliant shading of the boxes gives an incredible outlook to the boxes. The external packaging is the best way to attract onlookers.

Subscription Hair Boxes

The hair extensions are really elegant. You can make them look awesome by adding all the foilings and the die-cut features.

It is the influencers who can make your boxes famous. So, choose the rigid box packaging in bookend box style and encase the elegant hair wig within this box.

Moreover, send these boxes to the bloggers. They will review your boxes perfectly and as a result, you will get high sales. Try to choose elegant themes such as red, deep blue, cyan, black tones for maximum sales.

Energetic Boxes

What are energetic hair wig boxes? Choosing appealing designs is staggeringly conceivable. For example, if you are encasing the wigs inside the boxes and need to add a few lively elements, then, add a black color lined up with the golden tone. You can also add the spot UV, embossing, debossing, etc. to the boxes.

Add the text such as “ life is so short to have boring hair”. These sorts of inscriptions will appealingly grab the eyes of the spectators and will elevate your brand’s sales chart.

Bold Boxes

The bold boxes are best for encasing the hair wigs in them. You can prosper the intense artwork by picking up the bold tones, for example, neon pink, bright blue, shiny purple, and so on Draw the work of art by utilizing highlights in dark glittery colors. You can also feature the model faces within the boxes. Or draw some artwork that can exaggerate the “hair” look.

Choose the mailer box packaging and add a silk cloth in bright purple color to encase the hair wigs. Further, in order to create the outer graphical image attractive on the boxes draw the “digital fountain” image present in Oregon USA on the hair wig boxes. This artwork will make your boxes look unique and amazing.

On this shape, add the name of your brand at the center of the custom hair extension boxes. Furthermore, remember to add the slogan of your brand.

The above ideas can embrace your hair wigs packaging tremendously.

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