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Hardwood Floor Renovation and the Real Estate Market

The value of a home's hardwood floors is important‌.

The value of a home’s hardwood floors is important‌. It doesn’t matter whether you’re reselling your home, getting a capital gain from your mortgage renewal, or buying one. Floor coverings influence how much a house is worth.

Buying a house and the condition of its floors

Do you want to buy a residence, and its floors are not in perfect condition? Several solutions may be necessary, but it all depends on the actual condition of these floors. A simple revitalization may be enough and you will be lucky. In other cases, we cannot avoid a complete refurbishment. Depending on how the floor is affected, you may have to invest several tens of thousands of dollars that you weren’t expecting to pay.

The best insurance you can have in this kind of situation is to have the floors of your future home inspected by a floor restoration expert. You will have the exact facts and possible arguments for negotiation in the event of major works.

Real estate revaluation (Home Staging) is also profitable for your floors.

Do you want to sell your home and make the most of it? The benefits of real estate revaluation also apply to the floors of your home. Your floors can be rejuvenated inexpensively to regain their original luster if they have fadedThis revaluation undoubtedly increases the value of your home. Getting a better price will make it easier to sell.

Beware of re-engineered floors and floating floors

Would you like to purchase a home with engineered wood flooring? Engineered floors have certain advantages. They are more soundproofing, and more economical; they can be installed on a concrete surface and they are the only ones that can be installed on a heated floor by a property service maintenance.
There are special considerations to be made when buying a residence. You must ensure the condition of these floors. Are they immaculate or faded? Would it be necessary to sand them and refinish them?
Fortunately, re-engineered floors can be sanded, but not forever. On average, the hardwood overlay on a re-engineered floor is 4mm thick. A sandblast will leave between 1 and 2 mm of solid wood on its surface. Make sure it has not already sanded these floors if they need to be
Condominium buying precautions

Re-engineered floors and floating floors are the most popular coverings for condo floors.

As with re-engineered floors, this is even more critical. If their finish is not impeccable, you should know that it is practically impossible to restore a floating floor. If you thought you could refresh this type of floor in your new home, you may face significant and unforeseen expenses that require a complete repair of your floors.


Before purchase, inspection

The pre-purchase inspection of a residence is part of the essential practice in ‌real estate. Whether it is to ensure that your future residence does not have hidden defects, a weakness in its structure from the basement to the roof. Another important factor to consider is the quality of its floors.

Dealing with a complete renovation of the floors of your new residence can easily exceed an additional investment of $15 to $20,000.  Neophytes usually have difficult time knowing whether they can sand a floor. Determining whether a floor is engineered wood or laminate can be just as challenging.
 Or, if your future floors only need a simple revitalization or major work. An expert floor restoration inspection can save you a lot of time and money. You can always seek advice from a professional floor maintenance and property service provider.

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