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Healthcare Marketing for Clinics

Brand consolidation and assertive communication should become healthcare marketing strategies for clinics in increasing expansion.

Often conquering the market and becoming a reference in your specialty is not an easy task and requires some skills that the Clinic Manager did not learn in medical school.

So, how to do this assertively and successfully? With Healthcare Marketing strategies, it’s easier!

First of all, study and plan. That’s what the most renowned clinics do.

Nowadays, it is not enough for your clinic to offer quality services at a reasonable price. The great move of Healthcare Marketing is to invest in the online promotion of your clinic and in the relationship with your patients, who now need to be seen as customers. This view helps you better understand how to invest in marketing to attract visibility to your medical clinic.

To help in this process of reflection on which tools bring patients closer and retain their loyalty to your office, we have prepared this material with some important information. Follow along!

Healthcare Marketing Strategies:

As you may well know, conventional advertising, with prices, etc., is prohibited by the Regional Councils of Medicine (CRM), so you will not be able to use traditional marketing to promote your clinic. The solution, therefore, is to bet on digital marketing, with an emphasis on Inbound Marketing.

This strategy aims to attract and convert your potential patients voluntarily. Inbound Marketing is based on consumer relationships and education, using content marketing and marketing automation strategies.

But whatever strategy you use, remember to base yourself on the ethical code for medical advertising.

It is important that, before starting any disclosure of your medical office or clinic, you are familiar with the code of ethics that establishes some rules for the disclosure of medical services.

Healthcare Marketing: Relevant Content to Attract Patients

Your clinic needs to have regular and relevant content production. According to the Healthcare Marketing strategy, texts, photos, videos, webinars, and other content offer formats adopted by your clinic need a certain form, size, and other requirements to become more friendly to the “robot” of the tools. The search engine improves the clinic’s positioning on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

The structure and content of this site will determine the success of your clinic on the internet, so it is good to think of content as small articles that help clarify the most frequent doubts of your patients.

A good tip to boost your clinic’s communication on the website is to make your web address a public service, that is, to be relevant to the users who are reading and that they can like and share.

Healthcare Marketing: Disclosure of Relevant Content

So produce content and post it on my website. Will I already be attracting the audience I want?

Have you ever heard of SEO?

It is a set of optimization techniques for websites, blogs, and web pages. These optimizations aim to achieve good organic rankings by generating traffic and authority for a website or blog.

In other words, this Healthcare Marketing strategy makes your website appear with privileged visibility on Google and other search engines without paying.

With this, your company pages on the internet become much more visible to the public.

And the most common way for patients to access healthcare is through a physician to get to know your clinic/office through your website and online dissemination, right? Therefore, you must utilize this opportunity to attract patients.

SEO is even important when promoting your practice in Google ads, the so-called “sponsored links,” which you will pay for each click on the link. With a well-optimized and structured website, you will pay less for each click.

Healthcare Marketing: Sponsored Links

The best-known way they are found is in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Lycos, etc.)

At the top of the results, some sites are highlighted to identify that they are advertisements.

In recent years social media marketing gaining more and more strength.

CPC (cost per click):  for each click on the link, the advertiser pays;

CPM (cost per thousand impressions):  when the ad reaches one thousand views or beliefs, the advertiser pays;

CPA (cost per action):  is only charged when the user acts on the advertiser’s website;

The amounts paid to depend on the advertiser’s model and keyword chosen, each with its advantages and characteristics.

Healthcare Marketing: Other Fronts

In addition to the website, SEO, and sponsored links on search engines, there are still two other actions to boost the promotion of the business on the network:

Email marketing actions:

Forward to all your customers your articles, tips, and suggestions about the service you provide to them. This will certainly help to captivate your target audience.

Healthcare marketing actions on social networks:

Create a Facebook page and share your website or blog content on this page, invite more and more people to like it, and create a promotion driven by Facebook Ads.

The Way of Communication and Relationship with Your Patients Has Changed!

Clinics and offices of all specialties in the medical field are now starting to take advantage of the internet’s advantages and benefits concerning healthcare marketing.

As a doctor, you are an authority on the subject. Use this to build credibility in the content you promote and on your clinic’s social media.

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