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Helpful Hints For Your MacBook

Helpful tricks for your Macbook

Macs are more popular than ever, but there’s a lot to learn for those switching from Windows to Apple’s operating system for the first time. Here are 20 of our best tips for mastering your Mac.

Take a screenshot of a certain section of the screen

Taking a screenshot is fine and excellent, but you don’t always need the entire screen captured. There’s a quick way to grab just the section of the screen you want on a Mac: 4 + Cmd + Shift + Cmd + Shift + Cmd + Shift

Then, using your mouse, drag a box over the area of your screen you want to capture. The image will be saved to the desktop after it is released. Instead of using Cmd + Shift + 3, press Cmd + Shift + 3 to grab the entire screen.

Rename a huge number of files at once

At the very least, renaming files is a chore. It’s excruciating to rename a hundred holiday photos in one sitting. You can accomplish that with one simple action if you’re using Yosemite or later on a Mac.

Ctrl-click (or right-click) all of the files you want to rename, then click Rename. There are three renaming alternatives available. Replace Text allows you to replace text in a group of files, such as the ‘IMG’ section, with something more relevant. As a result, ‘IMG 01,’ ‘IMG 02,’ and so on become ‘Dad’s birthday 01,’ ‘Dad’s birthday 02,’ and so on.

Install Windows on your Apple computer

It is feasible to run a copy of Microsoft Windows on a Mac, contrary to popular assumption. It’s also surprisingly easy to accomplish.

Go to your Mac’s Applications folder and then to the Utilities folder. There is a program called Boot Camp within it. It will now ‘partition’ your hard disc, dividing it into Windows and Mac partitions. You can split the ratio anyway you choose, but keep in mind that storage dedicated to one OS is not accessible by the other. To begin the partitioning procedure, click Partition.

Your Mac will ask for a Windows installation CD when it restarts. You’ll need to purchase one if you don’t already have one; make sure it’s Windows 10. Select the partitioned region of your hard disc when it asks where it should install.

After that, your Mac will start up in Windows for the first time. Isn’t it strange? Simply hold down the Option key anytime you power on your computer, and you’ll be able to pick between Windows and OS X. Keep in mind that switching operating systems on the fly isn’t possible, so be sure you pick the appropriate one or you’ll have to restart.

Sign documents with your signature

You’ll understand the agony of having to sign an official document that was delivered to you online if you’ve ever had to do so. There’s a lot better way with macOS.

In the Preview program, open the document you want to sign. Click the pen icon, then the signature icon in the menu that comes beneath it.

If you’re using a laptop, you’ll have the option of scrawling your signature on the touchpad (which works surprisingly well) or taking a snapshot of your signature using your camera.

To utilize the camera, first write your signature on a piece of white paper, then click Camera and hold that piece of paper up to your Mac’s webcam. The signature will be captured. When you’re finished, click Done, and the Mac will save it.

To sign the document, click the signature button once again, and then click your signature to put it into the document when it appears.

See a list of all special characters

To add emojis to your papers, go to Edit in the menu bar, then Emoji & Symbols from the drop-down menu of the application you’re using.

This opens the emoji picker; click in the document where you want to add your emoji, then select the emoji you wish to use.

Ctrl + Alt + Delete on a Mac is Ctrl + Alt + Delete

Ctrl + Alt + Delete is the Mac’s version of Ctrl + Alt + Delete. If you can’t get out of a program, press Esc while holding down the Cmd + Option keys. The Force Quit dialogue box will appear, displaying all currently active applications and allowing you to violently quit them.

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