High-Risk Merchant Account for Adult Toys Business


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  • Introduction
  • Why Adult Toys Industry is considered to be high-risk?
  • What kind of features merchant should look for in a Adult Merchant Account?
  • Why do businesses select an adult payment processor?
  • Why adult processing is required?
  • How to add the adult payment gateway?
  • What Adult subscription and membership merchant services have to do with adult business?
  • What to do if Adult merchant account gets terminated?

Adult Toys Merchant Account will sort out indigenous payment problem for the Adult merchants

Despite the stigma and taboo, the American adult toy industry has been steadily growing. Adult merchant accounts are becoming increasingly popular. Because of easy access to high-quality materials, the industry has been able to create products that are both safe and high-quality, and it is rapidly expanding online.

According to market projections, the adult toy industry will be worth more than $52 billion by 2026. All organizations involved in the adult industry have enormous potential.

In general, many businesses are entering the adult market by streamlining all e-commerce sales. Because adult products are considered taboo, traditional payment services classify the sale/purchase of these items as high risk.

Manufacturers seeking to increase their market share are setting up e-commerce sites. These organizations must find reliable, long-term payment processors that accept high-risk payments.Adult toys merchant account

High-risk Perception   

Adult entertainment businesses are more likely than other businesses to experience sudden terminations of their adult entertainment merchant accounts, as well as freezes and holds on their funds.

Typically, a payment provider will offer you a merchant account and then discover that you provide adult entertainment services, terminating your merchant account and freezing your funds indefinitely. Furthermore, finding not only a high-risk merchant account but also an adult payment gateway that will integrate with your shopping cart, can be difficult.

Amald has a knowledgeable underwriting staff. We provide our clients with a dependable adult payment processor, a high-risk adult payment gateway, chargeback mitigation tools, unrestricted volume, recurring payments, and a dedicated support manager. Everything you need to ensure that your adult entertainment business can always handle online credit card payments safely and successfully.

Adult Toys Merchant Account Features


Are you looking for a low-cost, high-performance adult merchant account? You’ve come to the right place.


Low Rates Fast Approvals Multiple Payment Methods Take Payments through All Channels Unlimited Subscription Billing Plans
Adult Merchant Account Payment Gateway Automated Fraud Fighting Weapons Chargeback Prevention Services High Volume Adult Merchant Accounts Extensive Banking Network


How do businesses select an adult payment processor?

Organizations looking for an adult payment processor to run their business online must go through a few hoops. Traditional banks and services will consider the adult entertainment industry to be high risk. Furthermore, because of the stigma associated with the adult business, traditional services face a reputational risk by associated with these organizations.

Consider an adult toy store that did not use the proper channels to access the high-risk processing account and began doing business. When organizations decide to use traditional payment services, they will first collect information from the company.

After collecting the initial information, the traditional services will suspend the accounts, and the organization will be unable to sell any products or services. They are unable to accept payment by credit or debit card.

When the cash flow stops, these businesses are at a severe disadvantage. The bad situation is exacerbated by the fact that any money earned from the sale of goods or services will be held by the bank until further notice. Organizations in the adult industry can completely avoid this risk by using payment processing companies that accept high-risk payments.

Adult Processing is required                           

Coverage for adult merchant processing includes membership-required online dating sites, strip clubs, adult bookstores, toys, and pornographic websites. Accepting debit and credit cards is a time-consuming process for these businesses.High risk merchant account

For those business owners who are unfamiliar with the operation of an adult merchant account, it functions similarly to a bank account for the online store. When customers purchase items from our website, our payment gateway sends important information to the merchant account. The payment will be transferred to the organization’s account after key data exchange and proper verifications.

Adding the adult payment gateway

They’ll need to find banks that accept online card processing by connecting through the appropriate adult payment gateway. Finding an ideal sponsor bank that serves the adult entertainment industry is one of the first challenges that users must overcome. Adult merchant accounts will not be approved for underwriting by traditional payment services or banks.

These organizations only option is to do business with payment processors who facilitate high-risk payments. Amald is the ideal payment processor for adult businesses that want to accept debit and credit cards. We can assist adult organizations in processing payments in as little as three business days.

Adult subscription and membership merchant services

Merchant accounts and payment gateways for online subscriptions, whether adult or not, experience a high level of chargeback’s…why? This is due to people agreeing to a subscription only to cancel it later. Fraudulent transactions can be common in high-risk industries. There are a few providers to choose from when looking for an adult payment processor for this type of business. The rates may be slightly higher than others, but if your account application is properly packaged, the process can be relatively simple.

If your company operates in any of the following sectors, subject to the nature and content of the site, we can provide expert advice to help you secure the best deal possible from a specialist merchant provider, so you don’t overpay.

Terminated Adult Toys merchant account

As with any high-risk business, your merchant account provider is more likely to serve you with a notice. This is because acquiring banks are constantly balancing their risk portfolio and adjusting their criteria accordingly – high-risk businesses are constantly under the microscope.

Working with a specialized Merchant Services Broker will enable businesses to find appropriate card payment solutions.

We recommend this because good brokers keep their finger on the pulse of changing criteria and will be able to point you in the right direction of banks that will accept you while also correctly packaging your application to increase your chances of acceptance.

Adult businesses with high turnover may choose to process with multiple merchant accounts to reduce the risk of being unable to accept transactions while looking for alternatives.

If your company need an adult payment processor, go no further than Amald. We provides adaptable and long-term solutions for all sorts of adult businesses.

Adult toy stores, bookstores, strip clubs, adult content websites, and dating services are all covered. We are quickly becoming the leading adult merchant account supplier because to its comprehensive coverage and long-term financial solutions!

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