Hotel Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

Every hotel has its hotel bathroom cleaning checklist, which is more or less the same. As a hotelier you need to have your housekeeping follow the cleaning bathroom checklist; so that your hotel always meets the high hygiene standards that the guests expect when they walk in. A bathroom is breeding grounds for bacteria and germs, the right guest bathroom checklist ensures that no one in your hotel falls ill. The right cleaning products such as D ZEE products and sourcing the best hotel towels USA from D ZEE Textiles help you get the best results.

Your hotel bathroom cleaning checklist should include:

1.     Replacing All Towels

When the housekeeping enters a bathroom, towels are right there in the front. They need to be removed and changed before they leave once the cleaning has been completed. First removal and last replacement of the towels is always functional. It becomes much easier for the staff to clean bathrooms when these things are out of the way. They get more room and everything is much clearer on how to proceed from there.

2.     Check Bathroom Fixtures

The next thing on the guest bathroom checklist should be checking the functionality of the fixtures and leakages that might be happening. Everyday routine checking helps avoid any issues that may arise and cause long-term problems.

3.     Cleaning and Disinfecting Everything

From the bath tub to the toilet bowl, everything needs to be wiped, disinfected and dried down. The bathtub, shower, toilet bowl, toilet seat, handles, etc., everything needs to be given special attention. It is important to give each and every part of the bathroom considerable attention and disinfect the places where you know most of the germs are to be found.

4.     Mirrors Making the Guest Bathroom Checklist

A shiny mirror is important for all guests. The housekeeping needs to remember to wipe down the mirror and make sure there are no water streaks left there. If guests find dirty mirrors it would reflect negatively on the hygiene levels of your hotel.

5.     Scrub Out the Tiles

If there is anything that gets noticed instantly, it is the dirt and grime stuck on the tiles. Your housekeeping cleaning bathroom checklist needs to have scrubbing tiles as an essential part of the list. If you don’t give them special attention, they will accumulate that dirt and even develop fungus.

6.     Trash Removal on Your Cleaning Bathroom Checklist

It is always important for the housekeeping to check the trashcans, remove everything that there is; and put in new liners. This is very important for the housekeeping to remember and check it off their list. If the trash keeps lying around it will cause bad odor and would be seen negatively by the guests.

7.     Neutralize the Smell by Spraying Air Freshener

A quick inspection ensuring the housekeeping got all the points checked off the list and then a final air freshener spray is all that is required. Just deodorize the bathroom and that is the final step of your hotel bathroom cleaning checklist. Turn off the lights and that is it, you’re done with the bathroom.


A guest bathroom checklist needs to be thorough to always leave behind a fresh bathroom for your guests. The cleaning bathroom checklist helps create a right guide for the housekeeping staff to keep up with the hotel hygiene standards.

What does your hotel bathroom cleaning checklist look like? Let us know in the comments below.

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