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How Can Be Vertigo Treated With The Help Of Essential Oils?

Treating Vertigo with Essential Oils

Essential oils are a very trending substance that we get to hear about in our daily life, be it on the television, in the advertisement of products, on labels of cosmetics, and many other places.

Essential oils are a common ingredient in various kitchen products such as beverages, and health drinks, and they are also found in beauty products such as cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, body wash, etc. In this article, we will discuss how vertigo can be treated with the help of essential oils.

Vertigo is a medical condition that makes people feel that everything around them is spinning.it affects the balance of the person and makes him feel nauseous and dizzy.

Essential oils have many benefits, they help in solving almost every problem, be it health problems or the ones related to beauty and skincare. 

According to research, it has been found that essential oils are very effective in treating vertigo. Here is the list of a few oils that can be exceptionally good for the treatment of vertigo:


Using thyme as an essential oil for treating vertigo is very beneficial for the patient.

It helps in calming down the person and relaxes the muscles of the patient.

Thyme oil has various properties that help in healing and relieving pain. It is a herb that is being used by women since the olden times to cure menstrual cramping.

According to doctors, it is a better option than using ibuprofen. 


There can be many causes of vertigo, one can be cold and flu. In a case where vertigo has developed due to cold and flu, one can use peppermint essential oil for treating vertigo.

Peppermint helps in inducing good blood circulation in the body, the better the flow of blood in the body, the faster the treatment of vertigo.


An advanced stage of vertigo can be really serious. It might cause vomiting and nausea in the patient. 

Doctors advise pregnant women to inhale lemon oil to get rid of morning sickness. Thus, to avoid vomiting and nausea, one can use lemon essential oil for treating vertigo.

One can also keep lemon oil in a diffuser so that the aroma of the oil spreads in the air and can quickly provide some relief if suddenly a person feels nauseous or pukish.


Among various causes of vertigo, one can be stressful.

Lavender essential oil for vertigo is one of the best options if it is caused due to stress.

One can go for this option to prevent any possibility of anxiety that may build before vertigo attacks you due to extreme stress.


Another viable option is a ginger essential oil for treating vertigo. It is another very beneficial oil for healing and curing various ailments.

Ginger as an ingredient can be used in its raw form in tea or can be used as an inhaler. Ginger Oil is known for building the immune system of a person and boosting the digestive system.

It helps in dealing with nausea and is best when drunk in the form of tea.

This oil is quite strong in aroma, thus, can be very beneficial in reducing puckishness.


This essential oil for treating vertigo is also quite helpful. Eucalyptus oil helps in clearing your mind as it gives you the sensation of freshness.

This oil is quite helpful in relieving headaches, thus, it can be used as a remedy for treating vertigo and other medical conditions.

Vertigo makes you feel a sensation of spinning of the head, since eucalyptus oil helps in removing headaches, it helps in reducing dizziness that is resulted due to the condition.

These were the ways in which essential oils could be used for treating vertigo. Essential oils have multiple uses and promote a healthy body and mind. The use of these oils can ensure one leads a stress-free and disease-free life.

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