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How Can I Collect Customer Emails Without A Website?

Many people think that they cannot collect emails without a website but that is not the case. Collecting emails of targeted customers is a really important marketing strategy to be able to make more sales. Besides that, it helps to grow your business with a targeted email marketing campaign. Collecting emails without a website can be done through social media, search engines, business directories, YouTube, or free blogging websites like WordPress. You will need an email collector software in which you can find your customer’s emails by name, zip code, and website URLs.

But what are the email scraping tools and how do they work? How exactly can you start getting those emails for your marketing ideas and earn money with them? In this article, I will talk about the best tools that you can use to collect emails without a website and how you can do it totally automatically with a click of a mouse.

Why Is An Email List Important For Successful Email Marketing?

Collecting emails from your visitors or people who are interested in your products or services is very important for your business or as a blogger. You will not only get emails from interested customers, but you will also earn more money and grow your business with targeted email marketing.

But why is an email list important?

By collecting the emails of potential customers you will be able to grow your email list and send them emails about your products or services to sell them.

This way you will be able to keep them interested in your business, blog, product, or services. The power of a targeted email list is super strong because you can your customers into paying and permanent customers.

Besides keeping them interested in your products by emails you can also keep sending them new offers. You can even give them something free that they can get free with products.

Email marketing is amazing to spread awareness about your products or services. As an email marketer, you can grow a business to the next level with targeted email marketing lists.

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is one of the best ways to connect with customers, build relationships, and grow a business quickly. An email has billions of users — 4 billion in 2020 according to Statista. Around 360 billion emails were sent worldwide that same year.

You can see the video tutorials to see how the tools work and collect emails for the user without a website with customer name and zip code.

Best Email Collector Tools To Get Emails Without A Website

So what is the best and what is the cheapest email collector software that you use to collect emails for targeted locations and industry for targeted email marketing.

In my opinion, I think that Cute Web Email Extractor and Top Lead Extractor are the best email marketing tools you can use to collect emails without a website.

With Cute Web Email Grabber, you can find, extract, collect, and export emails from websites, search engines, and local files without having programming knowledge.

With Top Lead Extractor, you can get emails, phone numbers, and social media links of customers as well as businesses. You can find and extract emails, phone numbers, and social media links from websites but can’t export data in the free version.

Cute Web Email Extractor– Get Targeted Email List Without Website

Now, you don’t need to create a website for email list building while you can create your own customer and business email list in minutes for any location and industry by using this Email Collector software. You can get email marketing data from more than 66 search engines and for more than 195 countries.


  • 95-98% accuracy
  • Find emails by user name, business, categories, zip codes, and URLs
  • Detect duplicate data and delete it automatically
  • Bulk Email Extractor has a user-friendly interface and requires no coding to use it.
  • You can install this email finder tool in Windows 10, Window 8, Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Net Framework v4.0
  • 24/7 customer support and video tutorials to understand the working of the email software
  • You will get all the collected email data in CSV, Excel, or Text format to use.
  • You can get bulk emails on a daily basis for just 59.99 for one year.

Top Lead Extractor – Get Emails & Phone Numbers Without Website

Top Lead Extractor will not only collect emails from websites but also phone numbers and social media links from websites, search engines, and local files. It’s a great tool that can help in email marketing, telemarketing, text marketing, and other mobile marketing campaigns.


  • It can collect emails, phone numbers, Skype id, messenger id, and website URLs.
  • Contact Extractor supports various formats to save data like CSV, Excel, and Text files.
  • Easy to use, effective, and fast
  • Video Tutorials for users
  • Free trial available
  • Price is just 79.99$ for one year
  • Find contact details by name, zip code, mobile company code, and website URL.
  • Positive customer support


Now you can collect emails without a website by using these email search tools. Many people don’t want to get involved with a website because they might not know how to make one or don’t want to.

That is why I recommend you use email data collection tools where you can build your own targeted email list in CSV, Excel, or Text format for use.

I myself highly recommend you start using both of them, try out the free versions and see which one you like the most.

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