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How Can One Rightly Purchase a Belt for Men?

The hunt for the perfect men’s belt is an adventure in and of itself. Because the belt is unlike any other article of clothing, buying for one is not precisely comparable to shopping for different items. It is one of the few men’s accessories explicitly tailored to the wearer based on their body measurements. 

While practically all men’s ties and socks are designed to be worn by almost any customer, men’s belts, on the other hand, have to be custom-tailored to the individual wearing them. Indeed, not only do you need to think about the size, but you also need to think about your unique style and the current trends. What good is a fashionable belt if it is not worn by a guy who is also well-dressed? As such, a belt is one of the most simple pieces in your wardrobe, yet it has the potential to create the most significant impression. So continue reading for advice on choosing a belt and meeting different colour and style preferences best.

Measurements First

When placing an order for a men’s belt, the measurement of the belt itself should be the first thing you think about. The width of a belt is usually measured in inches, much as the waist circumference of a pair of trousers. However, in contrast to a couple of trousers, you should not purchase the width corresponding to the wearer’s waist measurement when purchasing a belt. Be sure you choose a belt with a size that is at least two inches larger than your current waist measurement. For illustration’s sake, if you generally wear trousers in size 32, you should go out and get a belt in size 34.

Allow the Belt to Serve as an Accessory to the Rest of the Outfit

When it comes to the breadth of a belt, there is no such thing as “right” or “wrong.” Instead, the rest of your outfit and the atmosphere may help you choose the most OK belt to wear. So a broader belt will be a good option if you want to wear it in a more relaxed setting with men’s jeans. A broader belt, which we can roughly describe as 1-3/8 inches in width or even more, may accentuate the inherent roughness of denim’s nature. In addition, a broader belt made of denim looks lovely when worn with a traditional flannel shirt with a vibrant plaid pattern or a stunning chambray button-down; it is a strong and conventionally male appearance.

However, a belt of the same width worn with a suit might make the latter seem hefty and may uncomfortably disrupt the suit’s otherwise neat line. Think about wearing a belt with what is known as a “dress width” instead. Generally, it corresponds to a width of 1-3/16 “or less than an inch. On paper, this distinction may seem of little consequence, but it creates a striking contrast when seen visually. And because of its narrower width, a dress belt is designed to fit in with the waistband of trousers, making an appearance more appropriate for formal settings.

It is possible to wear a formal belt with jeans, and this combination, together with a men’s V-neck sweater, creates a timeless look that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. You only need to throw on a blazer, and you’ll be good to go for dinner on Friday night. And if you are interested in purchasing men’s belts that can be worn with any of the items in your closet, you are suggested to begin your search by looking for a belt in a dress width. 

And since you have mastered the art of shopping for a belt, happy shopping!

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