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How Do Brass Utensils Improve Health?

The very first written mention of Brass dates back to 2500 – 2200 BC. This is an old treatise on its use in the treatment of wounds and the disinfection of water. In ancient times, people were well aware of the properties of brass and used it in the treatment of bruises, fractures, headaches and inflammation. Alexander the Great and his commanders had goblets and bowls of brass metal from which they drank and ate during campaigns. This protected them from many epidemics that instantly flared up in a hot climate, and intestinal disorders from raw water in open reservoirs, with animals drinking there.

In the Middle Ages, brass eating utensils were an indispensable attribute of a good housewife. Burning in the sun, cleaning frying pans, cauldrons and teapots provided comfort, gave a delicate taste to food and were beneficial – they killed pathogenic microbes and fungi, which were spreading in abundance at that time. Suffice it to recall the terrible epidemics of plague and smallpox. In any household – in the royal kitchen or a poor hut, there was always brass cookware.

Benefits of Brass Cookware 

Utensils made of this metal not only attract with their appearance, elegant look but, it has several health benefits.

One of the most important useful properties of brass cookware is its antibacterial effect. It is able to fight a number of fungi and bacteria, preventing them from getting into food. In the old days, people use to store water in brass containers in order to disinfect it. American scientists experimentally proved brass successfully copes with strains of salmonella, as well as E. coli. When you cook food in Brass Kadahi With Lid, there is no disinfection, preventing the occurrence of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. 

By itself, brass kitchen utensils are safe. It, even when it enters the human body, does not accumulate, but is excreted from it.

Why Use Brass Kitchenware?

Spreads Heat Evenly

The metal reacts very quickly to changes in temperature, which allows you to control cooking as accurately as possible. Compared to other metal cookware, brass heats up faster. Uniform heating of brass is another significant advantage.

You can simply fry the dishes such as steaks or cutlets according to the recipe, evenly over their entire surface. At the same time, it reduces the cooking time by about 30%, and this, in turn, allows you to save more vitamins and nutrients in the dish.

Cools Down Fast

Brass utensils cool down very fast, which is more than important for the quality of cooking, in particular, such as shrimp or garlic. The process of heating such products stops abruptly stopped in order for them to retain their taste and properties.

High antibacterial properties 

The brass cookware is able to oxidize with oxygen molecules, having a detrimental effect on E. coli, Salmonella and Staphylococcus aureus, even without the use of high temperatures. Thus, if you use a brass surface for cutting vegetables, it will show its disinfectant properties. This quality was noticed by people many years ago and got appreciation in hot countries as well. If we store the food in brass dishes at room temperature all day; then, there is no deterioration. Therefore, when using brass utensils, there is less risk of intestinal infections 

Improves metabolism

 Rumours about the dangers of brass in everyday life are greatly exaggerated. There is a presence of Up to 100 g of brass in the body of each person, and the optimal dose that we should receive daily is up to 2 mg. It is almost impossible to exceed this concentration even with the daily use of brass vessels. This microelement takes part in the natural metabolism. Therefore, it does not accumulate but excretes from the body along with other waste products.

Holds an Antiseptic Effect

Moreover, brass has an antiseptic effect. Even before the invention of antiseptics, peoples use it to disinfect and prevent infections – for example, during a plague epidemic. In addition, th brass has gained recognition because of its bactericidal properties.

Improves gut health

Drinking water from a brass jug improves the functioning of the digestive system. You can drink the brass water orally to improve the functioning of the hematopoietic organs, liver and spleen, as well as for obesity. And you can use it in the form of compresses, for example, for the treatment of arthritis. In addition, many use brass water externally for cosmetic purposes. Indeed, due to its powerful bactericidal properties, it is detrimental to pathogens of various fungi and inflammatory skin diseases.

It can act as a water filter. It is enough to leave a vessel with water for several hours so that it becomes clean and ready for use.

Brass eating utensils: Precautionary Measures

Brass deficiency can cause various diseases. You can easily filter and excrete the excess pure Brass. But this is the case only with metal without impurities.

However, it is essential to take precautions while using them; the oxides of brass, obtained by combining with certain products and metals, are harmful. So, we recommend using a brass utensil that has a special coating.

In addition to that, the brass metal easily forms a film in slightly acidic environments. So you can’t cook salads, serve fruits, or keep food for a long time in uncoated dishes.

And also you should not drink coffee prepared in brass cookware without tinning for people who abuse alcohol. Their unhealthy liver will not be able to fully remove all toxic substances, which can lead to their overabundance and poisoning.

Brass should not be wet to avoid oxidation and the appearance of a patina – a greenish film. If the brass dishes are not in usage for a long time, then it changes its colour and becomes dark. However, becomes is harmful to health. Therefore, clean it properly before cooking.

The rather high price of products made from real forged brass justifies itself. But, if you have not used it before, it is better to buy one product and not the brass plate set. And evaluate all the advantages of a new acquisition. Also, before you make an expensive gift, you should find out the opinion of the future owner of the gift.

Concluding Remarks

The conclusion is obvious: for a person, brass in everyday life is more necessary than harmful. Consequently, brass cookware utensils are a quality product – are an extremely useful thing in the household.

Its beauty is also one of the factors that make specialists choose it. Such dishes can decorate both home cooking and an elegant expensive restaurant.


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