How does Digital Cataloging work better than Printed Catalogs

A digital catalog is more efficient than a printed catalog in so many different ways.It puts your business way ahead of time than most of its competitors.Thus, you can gain many things when you publish digital catalogsonline today for your business.

Yea, printed catalogs have been here for ages, but still, one thing we’ve all come to understand is time changes, and with this change comes one or two advancements in the technology industry.

Digital catalog publishing is one of these!

A digital catalog is basically a system that makes it easy for anyone or business to present their products and services to both new and existing customers in a digital format.

It offers an interactive experience to your users via product tags, links, videos, and lots more.

Your digital catalog can be as extensive as you want it, but most digital catalog publishing platforms would still offer you space as ample as 500MB in size. This can accumulate as many as 500 pages of content into your digital catalog.

How amazing is that?

Now, you no longer have to bore customers with long, boring printed PDFs; you can now keep them more engaged in a rather entertaining approach while they shop products from your platform.


How Does Digital Cataloging Work Better than Printed Catalogs?

Digital cataloging works way better than printed catalogs in the following ways:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Attracts more users
  3. Supports iframe embeds and integrations

All these can be further broken down thus:

#1: Easy to Use

Asides from how online catalog software are structured so easily to help businesses get the word about their various products and services for new customers to see, digital catalog publishing also has a lot to offer to both new and existing customers of your business.

Users will no longer be bored navigating through your catalog’s different lines of products.

With a printed catalog, users may find it unreasonably difficult to find a particular product in your catalog, but, on the other hand, using the filter search feature on a digital catalog, customers would instead find it easier to find the exact product or service that they’re looking for.

This is because products and services on a digital catalog can be grouped into different categories based on age, gender, price, time of upload, and lots more.

This will also help keep new users engaged with your catalog with exclusive features like images, videos, infographics, and more.

#2: Attracts More Users

The benefit and use of the internet today are limitless.

There aremany things to gain when business owners publish digital catalogs. One of these is the global reach associated with uploading products and services on a digital catalog.

This, with no doubt, will definitely help to scale your business, thus, helping to improve sales and conversions annually.

#3: Supports ifame Embeds and Integrations

The possibility of driving sales on a printed catalog is relatively low; on the other hand, when you publish digital catalogs, the case is quite different.

The fact that a customer can place a buy order on your product or service on the spot makes digital catalog publishing something all business owners should look into.

Thus, business owners can now integrate different payment gateways for different currency types on their digital catalogs, making it easy for customers to make instant purchases whenever they see products or services they like.

You can also embed videos from your different social media platforms on your digital catalog, thus, helping you grow your marketing channel simultaneously.

Online Catalogs Software for Businesses

Someone wise once said, “the printed catalog was the internet before the internet.”

Yea, we’ve got the internet now, but on the surface, would you say the internet is quite different from a paper catalog?

When it comes to B2B or even B2C marketing, digital catalogs make up a significant part of the success of any business.

It accounts for more when improving business sales, tracking leads, and following up with customers. Thus, a whole lot can be done with digital catalogs for businesses.

What’s more? There are basically no additional costs accrued in keeping your online catalogs software up to date.

Ultimately, all of these give buyers the best experience when shopping for products on your catalog.


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