How Does Exceptional Custom Packaging Help to Improve Electronics Product Sales?

Custom packaging techniques undoubtedly improve brand aesthetics. However, not all retailers are convinced of their performance. Here we will debunk some common myths about custom electronics boxes and how they help to preserve and promote branding.

Decoding the custom electronics box structure

What do you think appeals the most to buyers when they shop for electronics? In the market for similar products, there is very little that brands can offer in terms of product differentiation. But what they can do is offer a distinguished brand appeal to set themselves apart from others.

Electronic products vary greatly in size and functions. From home appliances to small-sized everyday gadgets, the industry is filled with a zillion types of electronics. Naturally, if sellers opt for a basic brown box, it is not going to sustain rigorous traveling and branding objectives. Popular brands always use a customized version of the packaging to fascinate customers and achieve their multiple business targets.

If you are not yet aware of what custom electronics packaging can do to your brand image, you need to read on to enlighten yourself.

Myth 1: A higher price tag

Yes, the customized electronics packaging may seem costlier than the ordinary boxes at first. But you have to take our word in believing that the feeling is short-lived.

There are several ways in which custom-made boxes actually reduce overall costs. These mainly contain:

  1. Fitted boxes. Custom size means that brands do not have to get bigger boxes for smaller electronic items. This way, the business would actually save on spending too much on large boxes and get the ones that they require.
  2. Better conservation. Fitted boxes naturally, give better product protection and higher customer retention as a result.
  3. Creative shapes. The boxes can be sculpted in numerous ways. Some of these further cut down material costs.
  4. Marketing messages. When the boxes communicate branding to customers, they dually work to keep products intact and market the brand, generating stronger resource allocation.
  5. Custom box features enable retailers to pick the box dimensions, printing choices, and other custom options in line with their financial capacities.

Myth 2: Not sustainable

Many retailers refrain from buying custom electronic boxes because they think that the boxes may not last long. This is wrong. If anything, it is the other way round!

Standard boxes come with generic materials that may comply with environmental guidelines but may not be made with sturdy materials that last as long as the products’ shelf life. Customized boxes, on the other hand, are made with the materials chosen by the sellers. They do so after much consideration of the products’ characteristics and brand image.

Sustainability can be achieved instantly by reducing wastage and ensuring that the end users reuse or recycle the boxes. The same can be conveyed to buyers through the boxes, building a strong brand image.

Myth 3: Poor printing quality

Retailers abstain from getting custom packaging as they fear that the printing may deteriorate after a short while.

The truth is far from it. Modern printing techniques give not one but numerous printing choices to electronics manufacturers. They can pick the exact inks, colors, effects, and graphic quality they can afford and want their customers to see.

The brand perception depends on how the packaging appeals to the consumers. Custom printing is on the rise these days as it incorporates innovative mechanisms to put forth a contemporary brand identity that customers can’t miss!

custom packaging

Myth 4: Customers don’t judge the packaging

This doubt can cost you the brand’s survival in the densely packed electronics industry!

If customer polls are anything to go by, over half of the millennial consumers are influenced by the packaging alone in making a purchase or pledging loyalty to a specific brand. Particularly, in the market for identical electronics, the packaging offers an insight into the brand ethics and sets it apart from others.

The way the brand logo and title are placed on the boxes forms the basis on which the customers decide whether they want to make a purchase or not. The rest of the box content adds to the brand’s value proposition. Customers want to receive effective value for money deals. The packaging is touted as an addition to the products and something that customers cherish for a long time.

Myth 5: Challenging to design the boxes

A large number of new entrants feel that designing the boxes is time-consuming and difficult. Well, this is not the case with hiring expert box manufacturers!

Once you get box engineers on board, you can witness your ideal box designs come alive. They take care of all packaging hassles to give the brand the perfect solution. Modern printing press and expert box stylists ensure that the end results are aligned with the brand image as well as the intended customer group.

Doing it all yourself would take time and consume more resources. Box specialists offer a host of free-of-cost services such as shipping and design templates. Investing in them is going to give multiplied effects on the sales revenues. Customers do not miss captivating brand appeal and the boxes extend this and more when made professionally.

Myth 6: Limited scope for branding

The branding on the boxes is not limited to the brand name and logo. It goes much beyond that to include the tapes, seals, handles, cover, and even all the box angles.

The best part about getting customized electronics boxes is that retailers do not have to follow a set branding pattern. Anything and everything about the boxes can speak favorably about the brand. Sellers can even have personalized content printed on the boxes to capture the customers’ interest and spark repeat orders. Numerous popular brands also add discount coupons and handwritten welcome notes inside the boxes for added effects.


Fears surrounding custom packaging aren’t authentic. Avoid these to reap the endless benefits of branded electronic boxes that provide the best security to the products while falling lightly on the pockets.


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