How Google Quality Rater Guidelines Help Improving your Site SEO?

Google algorithm update is always a new driving force for SEO professionals and marketers to work on a different strategy.

Every single algorithm introduced by Google demystify new ways of deciding the ranking factor.

It’s 2021 and digital marketers are still not yet fully over with Google Core Web Vitals. In addition to that, Google Quality Raters Guidelines are also here to change your route towards marketing.

The new rating scenario assesses the quality of the website, pages, and search results to provide information on sheer ranking factors.

Surely speaking, Quality Raters Guidelines helps your website rank high while relying on seamless SEO services. But it is important for you to understand the relevance of this new update.

So, instead of referring to the 172 pages long detailed information of the guidelines. We quickly take you through the imperative points as follows.

  1. What are Google Quality Raters?
  2. Factors Responsible for Improving Site Ranking as Per New Update
  3. Why the page is created?
  4. Content of the page
  5. E.A.T. Rating
  6. How Well is your Reputation?

Let’s get started on the above relevant points.

What are Google Quality Raters?

Google has a team of 1000 to 10,000 raters who evaluate a search result of a particular website and a page. They do it so to analyze the search engine’s behavior towards your site and on what factors will it rank ahead.

Although the newly created Google Quality Rater document is 172 pages long but is easy to understand under three main sections:

  1. Page Quality Rating: It explains how your webpage is ranked based on distinctive factors like content, search intent, ownership of a website, content quality, and more.
  2. Mobility Factor: It evaluates the mobile-friendliness of your website and meets the desired needs of smartphone users.
  3. Needs Met: Does the search solve the user’s query or a problem? This section evaluates the same.

Factors Responsible for Improving Site Ranking as Per New Update

Understand the main intent of Google Quality Rating Guidelines. It is not just about following the newly implemented website ranking rules.

By seeing these guidelines, you as a website owner can understand how your content is meeting the user’s query. What is the exact purpose of your site and respective pages? Is your website offering the best match search engine results?

Keeping the above objectives of the guidelines in mind, there are a few factors you can evaluate to offer the best search results. And, most importantly, adjust the website as per the user’s expectations.

Why the page is created?

The very first factor to keep in mind is the intent of creating respective pages and the complete website.

As an owner, you know it better than anybody as to what is the exact purpose of the creation of the site. Is it like sharing information, making money, solving issues, entertainment, eCommerce, or anything like that?

According to the guidelines, you have to be clear in what you are offering at present.

Content of the page

Just like the site’s intent, even your content should fall in the same category. The information displayed on different pages should have a purpose to fulfill.

We are not saying, every page should reflect the product/service selling factor. But there needs to be a line of difference between your Homepage, Supplementary pages, and Ads.

E.A.T. Rating

EAT stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. To go with these guidelines means, content on your website must be written by experts. Also, you need to mention their credibility to build the trust factor.

We know that this might sound off the track, but that’s what is mentioned in the Quality Rating Guidelines.

As per EAT, you need to demonstrate the expertise of all the content contributors and showcase a reliable source of information. Whatever information you are showing must be having a valid source, credentials, and bios of authors.

How Well is your Reputation?

Coming to the reputation part that displays how users think of your website and as a brand. It is relevant that your site must be having some sort of reputation in the marketplace.

One way of finding the same is by looking at your website reviews from real users.  It is important that reviews mentioned, even if there are 2 or 3, should be in line with your business. Not just positive only, but negative reviews should be there on the site to know the clear picture.

Mobile Friendliness Factor

The most-talked about website ranking point is attaining an optimum level of mobile friendliness. Your website adjusts according to different screen sizes, text size must be optimal, and information fit to screen.

It’s worth investing your time and money to create your site fully accessible on a mobile phone to reach more than 71% of users.


Information quality, search intent, clear reviews, and easy accessibility sound like normal yet important ranking factors. The all-new Google Quality Rating Guidelines showcase the best of efforts you can make to rank high. So, wait no more to avail the service of leading SEO services in India to fulfill the purpose.

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