How helpful video content can boost your online traffic

Have you ever viewed a YouTube video without the suggestions list starting automatically?

If you have, congrats. The majority of us watch at least a few videos without deciding to quit.

Brands have the opportunity to employ video marketing since people are unable to look away from the screen. Online firms are incorporating this movement into their marketing campaigns because of its potency, which is only increasing.

Despite the fact that there are numerous videos available right now, some of them perform better than others. 

Whatever the motivation behind our under-9-second emphasis, a lot of companies today produce short movies to engage their audiences, foster a sense of trust, and close sales.

The preference for video material among the viewers is evident from this. 

Now that you are aware of the changes in video marketing strategy, London video production companies can examine the reasons why companies are using it as well as the elements that affect the success of video content.

Sales and ROI are boosted by video marketing

Organizations use video marketing because their primary strategy tool get greater marketing return on investment. Why?

Do you recall the YouTube allusion we made earlier? People begin to watch your films if you produce them in a high-caliber, captivating manner. Additionally, via straightforward narrative, films make it simple for potential customers to engage with company products or services.

Videos help convert leads into customers, describe a brand’s offerings simply, and ultimately boost revenue and return on investment.

Social Shares are Boosted by Video Marketing

More than any other type of material, consumers share videos with their networks. Videos enhances social shares and engage viewers with your brand in addition to increasing sales and ROI.

According to a Small BizTrends research, videos receive 1200% more social media shares than words and photos. Businesses get more customers as a result of social media posts, causing viewers to become customers more quickly.

Videos Are Simple To Follow

It might be challenging for prospective customers to understand how your goods or services can help them with their problems. The ability to quickly communicate a lot of information is perhaps the main benefit of using movies.

Explainer videos make it easier for visitors to comprehend your offerings and increase their faith in your company. Again, the evidence is in the data.

According to another study, explainer videos help 95% of viewers comprehend how a service or product functions. Video has a high percentage of retention.

Video Content Boosts Traffic To the website

Videos aid in driving visitors to your site in addition to lengthening visitors’ stays there. In other words, your films can both attract new customers and keep your current ones.

Videos improve your SEO in addition to increasing customer retention. Google is informed that the website has good information when visitors spend more time there.

It raises your website’s search engine rating and drives more natural and relevant traffic to it.

Enhance the Video Landing Page.

There are numerous platforms available for marketers to advertise their film. Optimizing your landing page for video marketing is a fantastic strategy.

If potential customers can’t locate you, the landing page won’t do you any good. However, adding well designed video landing pages alongside your advertisements, newsletters, or social media postings will increase the value and visibility of your page.

In light of this, it is essential to produce films that enhance the written information on your content marketing. The essential advice for optimising your videos is provided here.

Make brief videos

Recall the article’s opening statement about readers having a nine-second attention span? Guess what, however. It is consistent with higher engagement for videos.

Short videos get a lot of interaction. The majority of viewers enjoy and prefer this kind of material, or they can’t find the time to watch a 15-minute handbag advertisement due to their hectic schedules.

Additionally, be specific about the call-to-action (CTA) you want viewers to take when you add one to your video. Your exchange rates may suffer if information is unclear.

Designs of a webpage home screen

Responsiveness is the second element in improving your video landing page. Make certain that your website is responsive. An intuitive layout will motivate readers actually to interact with your material, learn more about your company, and become customers.

Look at the data if you’re still not convinced. According to a Blue Corona survey, 38% of users quit using a website if it doesn’t have a responsive design.

The same study also reveals that 48% of internet visitors evaluate a website’s legitimacy based on its appearance.


In conclusion, Video production company in london is an increasingly popular medium for promoting your internet brand. While you must create a thorough plan regarding your video marketing, you also need to put that plan into action immediately soon.

Utilize the tactics above and the limited attention span of your audience. They are essential to the success of your video marketing. The primary query, though, is directed at you, the reader. What video marketing techniques do you employ to increase visitors to and conversions from your website?

Want to make a video that can increase your website’s traffic and conversions? Contact us through this page to talk about how we may assist you in telling your special tale.

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