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How is MIM From HEC Paris Here Are The Things You Need to Know

Are you looking for a MIM degree? A master in management degree from a world-leading business institute? HEC MIM program has been consistently ranked #2 worldwide since 2014 (FT Ranking). Not to mention, HEC is considered the best place to pursue a MIM program. Counted among the best business and management institutes in Europe, HEC Paris offers a world-class MIM program. HEC Paris is one of the best MiM Schools in France that students should target.

HEC Paris Master in Management (MIM)

Master in Management (MIM) HEC Paris program is a pathway to a thriving business and management career globally. The program offers a dual-phase curriculum along with HEC perfect-practice balance and broader connections with top firms/companies influencers. The MIM program from HEC Paris comes with 20 specializations and 20 international dual degree programs. You also get an optional gap year to emphasize the industrial experience to tailor the program to suit your needs.

In general, Europe is the best destination to pursue a MIM program. European and a few Canadian institutes initially offered MIM programs. HEC is the best place to harness your career goals in the business industry. The institute is affiliated with many other world-class institutions globally. HEC MIM is available as a double degree program among these partner institutes with world-leading universities: Yale SoM, MIT, National University of Singapore, Hong-Kong UST, Tsinghua University, TU Munich, etc. If you seek to gain the best possible master in management experience, HEC Paris is the place to be.

HEC Paris MIM Course

The most imminent feature of HEC MIM is its perfect balance between theory and practical. HEC MIM is filled with countless enrichments from world-class faculty to advanced methodology. HEC MIM graduates and alumni are a success story in itself. Moreover, HEC Paris is among the most selective institutes globally, with a 17.5% acceptance rate in its MIM program. As a result, the program is acknowledged and recognized globally. Possibly considered the best MIM egress in the world.

Program Curriculum

With the starting of your MIm at HEC Paris, your course will focus on the broad field of business and management. The first year will involve courses relevant to the dynamic business environment. You will develop the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in a multifaceted quality career. Your curriculum will include a variety of mandatory courses in general management. However, you will also be offered a range of elective courses. It is necessary for business and management studies to let yourself adapt and make changes as required. Students will also have access to a waiver scheme. It will benefit you from advanced courses and a more significant number of electives. You can apply to waive a maximum of 8 courses and 21 credits.

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After completing your first year, your choices and decisions will make sure to comply with your career needs. You will be making necessary adjustments regarding the program while applying knowledge and skills acquired in the first year. Each of the 20 specializations available will equip you with gold-standard expertise and skill-sets to begin your career smoothly. In other words, the second year of your program is essential to tailor your experience and skills. Your electives are as crucial as your execution. The first-year curriculum will equip you with more than enough precision to make the right decision.

Optional Gap Year

While pursuing the HEC MIM programs, students are given a gap year option. You can take your gap year in a field of your choice, from marketing to finance and consultancies. Even with real-world experience in the program, there’s nothing like the real thing. Your one gap year experience will help you decide your elective in the second year. Also, while pursuing your one gap year in the industry, you will learn to adapt and function in the business industry. Not to mention gaining experience on your portfolio after completing your MIM from HEC Paris.

Double Degree Program

HEC Paris has developed dual degree programs with many prestigious institutes worldwide. The step is not to implement extra knowledge or additional studies. Instead, the MIM double degree program at HEC Paris will bring forth an international environment and cultural awareness. This will allow you to develop a truly global mindset that ideally matches a globalized world. According to your preferences, you can choose a foreign institute to get a broad perspective. On the other hand, you can opt for neighboring countries or France to know more about European business and culture.

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