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How Long Does Root Canal Treatment Take?

How long does root canal treatment take? If you’re asking this question, it’s probably because you’re considering getting one done yourself or have already had one done on someone you love. Here are some quick facts to help you better understand what goes into this type of dental procedure and how much time it takes to complete it.

What is Endodontics

Endodontics is a branch of dentistry concerned with the study, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases affecting the dental pulp and periradicular tissues. Endodontic therapy can be very successful in treating abscesses and furcations, as well as restoring and preserving teeth by removing dental caries. The tools and techniques used in endodontics are slightly different from those used in general dentistry; therefore an endodontist has a specialty education, including a four-year undergraduate school program as well as a four-year graduate program.

Endodontic Procedure

One of the most common questions asked about root canal treatment is how long to do root canal? To start, it’s important to note that a general dentist will not be able to complete a root canal procedure. This type of dental work must be completed by an endodontist—also called a specialist—to ensure that all bacteria, dead tissue and other materials are removed from inside your tooth. While it might seem like an average appointment would last just one hour, many dentists estimate that an endodontic procedure takes around two hours and longer in some instances. The entire process is broken down into two stages: preparation and completion. During your appointment, you will visit with several different individuals and perform numerous steps before you leave with your tooth fully treated.

Root Canal Success Rate

How Long Will You Be in Pain? The success rate of a root canal procedure depends on how long you’ve had a tooth infected with bacteria. If you have an abscessed tooth, we will most likely be able to perform a root canal procedure right away. In other cases, we may wait for your pain to subside before starting treatment to avoid unnecessary discomfort. Most people only need one session of root canal therapy and are able to return to their normal daily activities shortly afterward. A second appointment won’t add much time onto your treatment

Time Taken for Endodontic Procedure

When it comes to root canal, treatment time depends on many factors. Your dentist would be able to tell you how long does root canal take from patient to patient, after studying their medical history. You would have an upper or lower tooth that requires a root canal. This may or may not cause pain; in some cases, there is a fracture in one of your teeth and you need a root canal for pain relief (such as extraction). If everything goes well and you do not have any further complications post-surgery, you should get back to work by 2-3 days. Since it’s tough work sitting upright for longer durations during these few days, you should try doing simple household chores like cleaning dishes or folding clothes – that’s how long does root canal take.

What Are the Possible Complications Associated With an Endodontic Procedure?

After any type of endodontic procedure, you may experience post-operative complications. These complications can arise from a host of different factors, including medication side effects or if your body is unable to properly metabolize sedatives. In some cases, these problems will be very minimal and easily treatable with over-the-counter medication. In other cases, they may be more severe and require immediate attention in a hospital setting. Here are some of the possible complications that could occur after root canal treatment.

Aftercare Instructions After a Dental Procedure

The post-procedure instructions may include things like: Watch for signs of infection: If any of your symptoms get worse or don’t go away within 24 hours after your treatment, call our office and make an appointment to come in as soon as possible. Do not eat hard or sticky foods for 24 hours: This will keep you from damaging your new dental work while it settles into place. If we prescribe pain medication, take it as directed: Too much or too little can make you sick.

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