How long THC stays in my body

THC Duration in Blood

If you’re a frequent user of THC or DELTA-8 products then you have to know how long THC stays in your system and what side effects occur to your body when you take it on large scale.

Marijuana, conjointly referred to as weed, cannabis, or pot, maybe a drug that’s derived from the hemp plant.

Among the plant may be a chemical referred to as mind-altering drug (THC), that produces a ‘high’ once somebody smokes, ingest, or vapes it.

 How lengthy THC stays in your body

When you smoke or vape, the THC is absorbed through your lungs and into your bloodstream.

The amount of time it stays in your blood depends on your weight, metabolism, and how often you use cannabis.

You can test for the presence of THC in your urine if you’re worried about a recent high.

The amount of time it takes for the drug to leave your system depends on how much you’re using and whether or not you’ve eaten recently.

It’s not clear why people experience this phenomenon, but it may be related to how cannabis affects your appetite.

How long does THC stay in my system?

The THC in your blood will stay in your system for about 2-3 days after the effects have worn off.

The amount of time it takes to get rid of the THC can vary greatly depending on how much you are using and how often you use it.

If you are taking a large dose of THC, then it may take longer than if you are taking a small dose.

If you are using it regularly, then it will take longer to get rid of it than if you were only using it once in a while.

The fact that THC is fat soluble means that there is more fat  in your body, and there are more chances that fat tissue will store it for the longest time

where it can continue to lie around for a long time and the liver or intestines fails to break it before.

This makes it very easy for someone who has been using marijuana regularly for years to accumulate some

serious amounts of THC in their system without being able to tell anyone!

The Effects of THC on the Body

THC is fat soluble so fat tissues store it. The longer you use marijuana, the more your body will absorb and store.

This means that if you take a large dose and then stop using it,

It can stay in your system for up to a month.

The average time for THC to leave the body is about 3 weeks. However, some people experience a longer or shorter timeframe depending on their metabolism, genetics, and other factors.

The average time for THC to leave your system after smoking marijuana is about three weeks. That’s right…three weeks!

But what happens if you smoke more than one joint at a time? Or smoke frequently? These questions are easy to answer because we have all the answers here at WhatIsReal.com!

Here are some facts about how long weed stays in your system:

If you smoke one joint per day, then it will stay in your body for two weeks before being completely flushed out by urination or bowel movements.

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