How often do offices need deep cleaning

The image of the company depends not only on the quality of the services provided but also on the proper organization of the office where clients are received. It is pleasant to work in a clean and comfortable office; for visitors, this is another proof that the company cares about its employees and customers. But cleaning in the office has its characteristics, so it is not always possible to maintain order on your own. Usually cleaning and moving companies have office cleaning services which will make for sure easier to arrange cleaning for your office. But next, consider a few practical recommendations and the specifics of office cleaning.

Why do you need to clean your office more often?

In any room, you need to regularly do wet cleaning, otherwise, dust and germs will begin to multiply actively. In the office, in addition to daily cleaning, you need to order dry cleaning and general cleaning, indoors:

  • They walk in the same shoes as on the street.
  • There is office equipment that attracts dust.
  • There is no possibility to clean during the day, during the work process.
  • Employees work and receive visitors.

If the company is small, then employees can maintain order and clean the office from time to time on their own.

In large companies, where there is a lot of equipment and personnel, it is better to use the services of specialists.

Office deep cleaning: stages of work.

It doesn’t matter if the employees themselves will clean the office, or it will be done by specialists, office cleaning includes several important steps, it is necessary:

  • Thoroughly wash the floor and clean the carpet.
  • Remove dust from equipment and work tables.
  • Get rid of the trash.
  • Wash mirrors, cabinets, and windows.
  • Clean furniture.
  • Wash lighting fixtures.
  • Wipe decorative ornaments.

At each of these stages, you need to use suitable detergents. You can not wash the equipment with ordinary powders and sponges, there are special devices for this.

Monthly general cleaning and cosmetic cleaning every day are enough to maintain cleanliness. All offices and rooms are washed as they become dirty, the bathroom and reception room are cleaned more often.

Types of cleaning

Considering that office premises need regular cleaning, experts distinguish between several types of office cleaning:

  • Daily cleaning. After each working day, you need to take out the trash and wipe the floors. If a layer of dust has collected on the tables, they get rid of it and ventilate the office. Such measures are enough to create a healthy working environment in the room.
  • Spring-cleaning. Taking into account the activities of the company, the flow of visitors to the office, general cleaning should be done at least once a month. Furniture and floor coverings get dirty faster, so dry cleaning is needed to extend the life of the headsets. Equipment, without maintenance, will also not last long, you need to wipe the dust.

When cooperating with companies, managers can order maintenance of building facades so that the company’s office has a presentable appearance not only inside, but also outside.

A few helpful tips.


Any oversight can completely spoil the client’s impression of the company, not always even specialists can clean the office well. To avoid embarrassing situations, you need to pay attention during cleaning:

  • Scenery. Often, employees, having done the cleaning, simply forget about diplomas, and paintings, which customers pay attention to.
  • Blinds, doors, and windows. It is not necessary to wipe the blinds every day, but once a week you need to brush off the dust from the surface because the dirt accumulates.
  • Bathroom. A separate item is cleaning the office bathroom, which is cleaned frequently and efficiently.

In conclusion, do not forget about the manager’s office, where important issues that affect the company’s activities and its image are resolved. In the management office, cleaning is given special attention.


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