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How To Buy Shoes For Your Designer Suit?

Buy Perfect Shoes Online For Designer Suit And Make Your Outlook Dashing

Suiting up the right way is an art, and to create the perfect suit up look, you need to get each of the elements as perfect as the others are. If you are looking to buy shoes for your designer suit, then you have to follow some essential points before purchasing a pair of shoes for yourself.

After being a man, wearing and owning a suit is not only for style; it is an absolute necessity. Selecting the right shoes with a suit is the key to pulling off your look.

It is rightly said that shoes speak louder than words; hence never forget to get the right shoes. There are mainly three shoe colours for a perfect-suited look such as black, brown, and burgundy. 

You are well aware of these colours but often get confused about the colours of shoes to pair up with the suit. Here, we will give you a quick and easy guide on what type of shoes for suits, you should buy and how you can wear them for a perfect look.

Ways to buy shoes for your designer suit

Let us look at various men’s dress shoes that we believe are essential and in several ways to buy shoes for your suit.

  • Oxfords Shoes

Let’s get a look at the first pair of shoes that you want to buy. Here, we are talking about Balmoral Oxfords. These will work great when the person has worn a suit. You can wear Oxford shoes to a wedding or the office, and at any time you have got to wear dress shoes.

When you are getting dressed up, you want to look your best, so you need to have that pair of shoes that will work with it. Black is going to be the go-to colour for a lot of guys. 

It has an elegant look with a closed lacing system; we recommend the whole cut or cap toe shoes for your designer suit. However, you must be careful, even though you have got closed lacing on this pair of shoes, we start to see a little bit of broguing.

  • Bluchers

We have the next pair of shoes as Bluchers. Again, they look similar, but the big difference will be an open lacing system, which is the crucial differentiator.

You will find these shoes, in general, are going to have broguing or ornamental stitching, and more often than not, they are going to be in lighter colours. So, these are going to be your more casual men’s dress shoes.

These will be more versatile, and we think they should be the second pair of shoes in a man’s wardrobe.

  • Slip-on Loafers or Monk Strap

Let us have a look at slip-on shoes. There are multiple types of slip-on shoes to choose from, a wide variety. The main reason we like slip-on shoes is that they are comfortable and casual. When you are traveling, they are effortless to take on and off.

Then we have the Monk Strap, which is not slip-on, and we like it personally because you don’t have to lace anything up. 

We like to go with darker men’s dress shoes. Then, we have a Tassel Loafer and Penny Loafer. These are going to be a little bit less formal than a monk strap to put on your suit.


You will get an idea of the multiple ways to buy a pair of shoes for your designer suit. Get an overview of the type of dress shoes that look perfect on your suit. Our short guide will be helpful for those people who are confused about buying matching shoes with their suits.

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