How to Check the Quality of Custom Couple Hoodies – Pro Tips

You can see a lot of couples wearing matching custom couple hoodies, which shows the love of a couple for each other. They even love to buy the same hoodies for their children as well. But whenever you are buying a piece of clothing, the main thing is to check the quality of the hoodie because if the quality is not good, the hoodies might not even survive a single season, so it is vital to make sure that you for a good hoodies supplier who sells premium quality hoodies.

In this article, we will deep dive into how you can check the quality of a hoodie and the different things you should pay attention to. We will explain everything in detail, and you don’t have to be a specialist in the fabric or clothing industry; after reading this, you will be capable of checking the quality even if you have never done this before. When you buy high-quality clothing, it will stay with you season after season, and the printing and embroidery will not come off, and you can wear them again.


 No matter what clothing it is, the fabric is essential in custom couple hoodies. If the fabric is not good, it can cause rashes, and it can be challenging to wear as well. To check the quality of a hoodie, you should check the following things.

  • The first thing to check is the feel of the fabric. The fabric should be soft, and when you wear it, it should be comfortable.
  • When you take the hoodie off, check that there is no raisin left on your body, or any color is left on your body.
  • Another essential thing is to check the quality of the dyes and take hot water almost 60 degrees hot for this purpose. Then put the hoodies in that warm water for 5 mins, and take out the custom couple hoodies. If there is no color in the water, the quality of the dye is high.
  • Rub the hoodie surface a little and see if there is any lint collecting on the hoodie, and it usually should be like before. Make sure to rub it gently with anything and not rub it very harshly.

All these points will determine the quality of the fabric, and you should always check it.


When you wear something, fitting is essential to that piece of clothing. To check the fitting of the custom couple hoodies, you should wear them and check for any disproportion or any anomaly in the hoodie. Check if it is tight in some areas because a hoodie should usually fit very well, and it should not be very loose or tight.

Well, if you are going for oversized hoodies, that is another story, but usually, hoodies should fit well on you. Fitting is essential, so always remember to wear high-quality hoodies that fit your body and make sure that you are buying the right size according to your body.


Like fabric, stitching and overall make of a hoodie is also very important, and it is crucial to check the quality of the custom couple hoodies; we have explained the whole process in the following points.

  • Check all the seams of the hoodies thoroughly first from the outside; then, you should turn the hoodie and examine them from the inside.
  • Check for any loose threads and any extra and hanging threads. Typically suitable hoodie suppliers cut all the extra threads from the inside and outside.
  • Check for any missing threads because it also determines the quality of custom couple hoodies, and you don’t want to buy poor-quality hoodies whose seams are all over the place.
  • Check all the seams from the outside and compare the seams of one side to the other; both should be in proportion to each other, and they should mirror images of each other.
  • Look for any puckering in the seams because if there is puckering, it will look awful.
  • Check for the seams if there is fabric accumulated more than usual in some seams.
  • Check for any wrinkles around the seams because usually, all the seams should be smooth and have no wrinkles.


Whenever you decide to get custom couple hoodies for yourself and your partner, you will go for some printing or embroidery on them, and you should also check their quality. We have explained the whole process in the following points.

  • If you have gone for the embroidery, you should check the overall appearance and see that the whole area is covered with stitches and there are no places left. You should also check for any loose threads because they have a terrible appearance and will not look good on you.
  • If you are going for screen printing, you should check the feel of the operating first. You should check the thickness because you want the right amount and don’t want very heavy printing because it has more weight, and the hoodie will hang from that area. The next thing to check is the quality of dyes, and for that purpose, you should wash the hoodies and check if there is any fading or if the printing is coming off from some area.
  • DTG and DTF are also printing; you should check them the same way you will check the screen printing.


If you are searching for a manufacturer of custom couple hoodies, you should work with Duskoh. They offer desirable prices and give their clients complete freedom to make custom couple hoodies for themselves. They have excellent customer service and give a short lead time to their clients. Whether you are looking for a rainbow hoodie, a ramen hoodie, a raw hoodie, a red true religion hoodie, or a rhinestone zip-up hoodie, they can make all kinds of hoodies fully customized as per your specifications.

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