How to choose the best criminal lawyer

The best criminal lawyers are professionals capable of defending, preventing, or reacting to the commission of a crime. In many cases, the future individual freedom of clients depends on their work. For this reason, it is essential to choose the criminal lawyer that best suits the process in progress. Whether for a defensive strategy in court or to start a legal process in the criminal field, you must be a specialist in regulations, crimes, and penalties.

In what cases do I need a criminal lawyer?

A good criminal lawyer is one who guarantees a fair trial to his client. This field of law is very broad, but you can distinguish those moments in which it is convenient to have the best criminal lawyer. It is always advisable to attend to him from the first thing that happens, which may be the arrival at the police station,

Civil Guard barracks or any other complaint center.

Police stop: Regardless of the reason for an arrest, it is advisable not to speak without the criminal lawyer present. It is a citizen’s right to meet with their representative before issuing a statement. The professional may indicate that he refuses to testify because the details of the case are not yet known.

Advice in judicial dependencies

The criminal lawyer guides on the best argumentative strategy before the Judge, with the file already known Defense in criminal proceedings: from his position as defense representative, he intervenes in all phases of the legal process in order to obtain exoneration from sentence

Prevention of economic and tax crimes

Criminal lawyers have gained a very important position in people’s lives in recent years.

Especially to advise on capital movements, investments, contracts with suppliers, tax strategies in companies, etc. Its analysis and advice are aimed at preventing crimes such as money laundering, tax fraud, etc. Complaints to third parties: when the client is the victim of a crime, the criminal lawyer assists from the filing of the complaint, the writing of briefs, the presentation of evidence until the end of the criminal process

The best criminal lawyer: Constant specialization

As in any profession, updating, and specialization are essential to get the job done. Now, in the case of a criminal lawyer, it becomes more relevant due to everything that is at stake. It is essential that he knows perfectly the legal regulations in force, to carry out a successful defense. The branches within Criminal Law are broad and it is also a factor to consider.

The ideal is to hire a lawyer who specializes in the type of crimes related to your case. Litigation for murder is not the same as for an Economic Criminal Offense. The best guarantee is to check the success stories in similar cases. You can see an example of a criminal law firm that shows its success stories on its own homepage on the Chabaneix Abogados website.

Trust is the starting point to choose the best criminal lawyer

Between the client and his lawyer, there must be a relationship of complete trust if good results are desired. To be more precise, the honesty of both sides is the basis for moving forward. The client has the obligation to expose in front of his lawyer all the most intimate truths so that he can put together a strategy and avoid surprises in full litigation. The lawyer must be direct with the possibilities of success, the risks, the actions that he performs during the process

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