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How To Clean White Area Rug?

Have you ever wondered how to clean white area rug? Do you have a white sheepskin rugs?

There are chances that it has gotten dirty and dingy in certain areas. Cleaning a white area rug is a fairly easy task. Is your rugs gets stained? Don’t you have the patience to get it out? You can take it to a professional cleaner who will know how to manage it for you.

If you are looking for a detail oriented and immaculate clean white area rug cleaning. It can be woolen, nylon or synthetic fabric, looks no more. We have developed our system with all the necessary processes to insure a stain-free and odorless rug.

Many people tend to think that white area rugs are easy to clean and maintain. There is no doubt that it is true if you take proper care of your rug.

Once you forget to clean and maintain it, it may cause some problems in the long run.

-Cleaning white area rugs requires special attention

-The white color of the rug tends to attract dirt faster than other colors. Hence, you will have to clean it more often.

-The design and pattern on the rug are usually created using dyes or paints that might come off after some time. Also, these may fade with time and can be hard to restore back in place.

-White color does not hide stains as well as other colors do. If you spill something on a white area rug, it will be very visible on the surface.

But if you want to clean white area rug yourself, here are some steps:

1. Get rid of all the furniture off the area where the rug is placed. You will need to work on this area without any obstruction.

2. Take the rug outside. You need to do this. You will have to use water and soap, which would cause stains on the carpet if they are not cleaned immediately.

3. Fill your bucket with warm water mixed with cleaning soap or detergent.

4. Soak the whole rug in a solution of soap and water by using a sponge or cloth. Let dry in direct sunlight or outside for 2-3 days depending on weather conditions. If you can’t place your rug outside, put small fans around it so that air flows through it easily.

5. With the help of a brush – ensure that all the dirt is removed from each part of the rug – especially from its bottom side where most of the dirt collects and then pat dry with clean cloths until no moisture remains anymore.

And now, you have all of the information you need to clean your white area rug.

We also talked about how to preserve the life of your rug so that it lasts a long time. You can enjoy it for many years to come. Improper maintenance and cleaning will ultimately destroy your rug’s quality. By following our steps listed above, you will be able to extend the life of your rug. Keep it looking as good as new.

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