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How to Draw a Nurse

How to Draw a Nurse

Going to the hospital is rarely a particularly fun experience, and it’s a visit that many people fear. A hospital with good nurses can help make the whole experience much more enjoyable! These expert men and women perform tirelessly to assist in maintaining operational hospitals, and we will represent one in this direction on how to draw a nurse.

The steps of this guide are there to show how fun can be and easy to draw a really fun and cute nurse drawing. If you are looking for some cute drawings, drawing for kids, cartoons drawing, animals drawing and many more, then you are at the right place.

Drawing Nurse

Step 1:

In the introduction of this guide on drawing a cartoon nurse, we have a cute representation of a nurse to draw, and you will see it as we draw! At the moment, we will simplify things because we will draw the beginning of his uniform.

The style we are looking for in this guide has a very large head with a small body, so it is worth keeping in mind that we work there. The sleeves will be quite small, so the bottom of the dress will be curved outside. We will also leave a gap in the past and on the left side of her dress, but we will fill them early!

Step 2:

There were two virgin spaces at the previous stage, but let’s fill them now! To the bottom of the face, we will use a curved line with a space for the upper half. Then we will extend a very short and thin arm of the left sleeve, which leads to the hip. It is all for this step so that we can continue!

Step 3:

The nurse we draw has a very large hairstyle, and we will start drawing them in this third stage. The hairstyle contours will be drawn using curved lines surrounding the head and extending inside. Then we will add texture to the hair by adding many curved line details within the contours. Be sure to leave another space on her head because we will add a hat soon!

Step 4:

Nurses have a lot to follow, so you usually see them with their faithful fire brings! First, let’s add the hat so that we have left a space preciously. The hat is a curved design that has a rounded upper section. He will fill her head space well so we can draw the clipboard. He has a curved rectangular shape, and it will be kept on his right arm.

Step 5:

For this stage of our guide on how to draw a cartoon nurse, we’ll add face features for her! We will use oval shapes with curved lines on their bases for her eyes. The details of the inner eyes will be drawn in the form of circles with points inside, and we will also draw small curved lashes coming out of the eyes.

Finally, the most recent details to be added will be eyebrows above the eyes and simple curved lines to the nose and its smiling mouth.

Step 6:

This cartoon nursing design is already great! However, she needs legs before adding the final touches, so let’s add them now! Her legs will be designed on a scale with her body, which means they will be relatively short and thin.

Then you can add shoes to his leg ends. One on the left will point to the left, while the other will be pointed forward. Once these legs are drawn, we can add some final details to the next step!

Step 7:

How to Draw a Nurse

You are ready to add the final keys at this stage! So we can end with some colors. First, we will film a cross in his hat as the first of these details. Then, draw some buttons to the uniform and add small, thin rectangular pockets.

After these small details, you can also draw some additional details! For an idea, you can draw a funny experience on the hospital theme to be. What other details and parameters can you think of?

Step 8:

How to Draw a Nurse

For the last stage of the guide, we will end up adding colors to its creation. We kept the slightly quieter colors in our example image because nurses do not usually dress not colorful and flashy colors.

The cross on the hat is red with beautiful blue to her eyes, and they add excellent touches of brighter color. Will you use colors similar to the ones we choose, or is it more for an exclusive color scheme? Let your creativity flow ending this amazing drawing!

4 Other ways to make your nursing drawing exclusive

So have fun that we prescribe additional tips for your cartoon nursing sketch! You can add a little to this photo to prepare it more! Some examples may include a syringe or perhaps a stethoscope. They are smaller, but you can also have them with a wheelchair or maybe a stretcher.

It’s just a small selection of the tools a nurse can use, but you can probably think of many others it could be placed with! This doctor can be designed in a nurse-like style to make them integrate. Or you can add a doctor and a second nurse to create a complete medical team! Who would you find these characters to add more to the image?

Once your medical team has been gathered, you can add patients to your drawing nurse’s drawing. Again, you would probably like to portray them in style similar to this nurse. It would be great to show the full side of medical care so that patients can be satisfied with their recovery! Having patients happy with the medical team would brilliantly finish this scene.

Finally, you can finish your cartoon nursing sketch with a background. The obvious choice for this context would be a hospital environment, but you would still have many options. He could be in a hospital lounge or a room with one of the patients. If you have recently been in a real hospital, you can use it to help yourself while drawing. Otherwise, searching for photos of real hospitals would be very useful when you draw. What other places could you use as a background to finish this work?

Your cartoon nursing drawing is complete!

This drawing you ended at the end of this guide on drawing a cartoon nurse is proud! We hope the design of this nurse drawing was fun and easy when you followed the useful steps we presented. If you would like to accept this drawing challenge, there are many others to enjoy on our site! Check them to get more good creative times.

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