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How to Export EML Files to Text Format?

In our digital era, everyone communicates with one another through email. When it comes to emails, various email clients employ different file formats to preserve their data. The .eml file extension is supported by the majority of email clients. That is why the majority of them want to export EML files to Text. Let’s look at why so many people wish to convert .eml files to.txt using a user query.

User Query;

“Hello, I have a few EML files on my computer that I’d want to convert to plain text.” Is it possible to export EML files to Text in a secure manner?”
“I downloaded EML files from Thunderbird and now want to save them in plain text format?” Is it possible, and if so, how would you go about doing it?”

If you’re looking for a means to export EML files to Text, then you’ve come to the perfect spot. We’ll show you how to save .eml files in plain text format in this article. In addition, we illustrate the functioning of the techniques mentioned in detail. So, till the finish of this post, remain with us.

Methods to Transfer EML to TXT

  • Using Thunderbird to export EML files to Text
  • Using EML Converter, convert EML files to TXT.

These two approaches have been thoroughly examined by specialists and are used to complete the conversion process. Let’s look at how these two ways may assist you to export EML files to Text.

Methods 1: Using the Thunderbird

  1. On the computer, open Mozilla Thunderbird.
  2. Next, using Add-on, import EML files into the programme interface. Select ImportExport Tool NG, then Import Message, after which right-click on Local Folder.
  3. From the system, choose an email and then click Add File. The email client interface will import your EML file. The import file should now be converted to plain text.
  4. Right-click the message you want to convert and choose Save Selected Message >> Plain Text Format from the menu.
  5. Click Select Folder after deciding where to store the plain text files.

Here, your EML file is converted to plain text format, and you may save it to the place you want. However, there is one significant disadvantage to this method: it does not export attachments with messages. Most importantly, users must follow this approach with patience since a single error might result in data loss.

To address this constraint, we will discuss an automated tool that is intelligent enough to do each job without error. Let’s move on to the next part and go through how the programme works and what it can do.

Method 2: Automated Solution to Convert EML to TXT

EML Converter Software Wizard is a powerful tool that lets users export EML files to text without losing any data. This tool’s most useful feature is that it can convert multiple EML files with attachments. It also exports EML files to cloud-based mail servers such as Office 365, Yahoo, Thunderbird, Opera Mail, and Gmail, among others.

Export EML files to Text

Features of EML to TXT Converter

  • This tool’s file conversion with attachments is one of its greatest features. This programme converts all messages from EML files to plain text without losing any information.
  • It is simple to extract various information from emails stored in EML files with this programme. This application allows you to extract email addresses, phone numbers, attachments, and related email addresses and phone numbers from an EML file and save them in their own folder.
  • This utility can convert several EML files to plain TXT in a single operation. It ensures that a large number of emails are converted in only a few clicks with no data loss.
  • This wizard is created in such a manner that even inexperienced users may utilise it without difficulty. The attributes of this tool have been built in such a manner that users may readily grasp them.


We provide the best feasible answer for your query in this blog. What is the best way to export EML files to Text? This conversion may be done using one of two approaches. You may export the message without attachments using the manual technique. We provide an automated programme that transforms the top EML TXT format with attachments to address this and other difficulties.


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