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How to Extend the Life of Your Laptop

Best ways to Increase your Laptops Life

We‘ve uncovered ten simple hacks you can use on your own laptop to boost its performance, whether you’re on Team Mac or Team PC. If your laptop as sluggish as molasses, these solutions will help you get back on track.

Keep An Eye On Your System

Almost always, you have one application running that is eating all of your RAM and slowing down your computer. Open Finder and look for Activity Monitor if you’re using a Mac. This will show you which apps are utilizing the most CPU or memory on your computer. To solve the problem, you can either close the software or delete it totally.

You’re seeking for Resource Monitor on a Windows system, which you may locate by heading to Task Manager. Only uninstall a program if you know exactly what it does, otherwise you risk mistakenly deleting a critical component of your system.

Things Should Be Cooled Down

My previous MacBook struggled the most during the hot summer months. To keep my computer from freezing or giving me the dreaded spinning pinwheel, I had to elevate it on a cooling pad. A cooling pad is useful, but you should also clean or replace the built-in fan on your laptop.

Scan Your Computer For Viruses

Malware, often known as spyware, is a common cause of laptop slowdown. Running a virus scan can assist you in determining the source of your computer’s slowness. If you need help deciding which anti-virus program to use,

Even if you aren’t particularly tech-savvy, you can usually locate a YouTube instruction that will guide you through the process of installing an SSD.

Upload Your Files To The Cloud

Using more than 80% of your available hard drive space, according to Mashable, can make your laptop sluggish. If your local storage is running low, consider transferring some of your information to the cloud. Dropbox provides 2GB of free storage and 1 TB of paid storage.

Free Replacements Are Available

When a product is deemed a lemon, manufacturers frequently give free repairs or replacement parts to customers. Any active manufacturer offers should pop up with a fast Google search for your laptop model and “replacement.” You can also contact the manufacturer directly for further information on replacement programs or to see if your problem is caused by a defective item that is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Battery Should Be Replaced

Is the battery life on your laptop a tenth of what it once was? Replace the battery if necessary. A laptop’s battery can degrade over time to the point that it only stores 80% of its initial charge, or even less in some situations. Although a new laptop battery is not inexpensive, it is still less expensive than purchasing a new laptop. Before purchasing a laptop battery online, be wary of choosing inexpensive batteries.

Try Reinstalling Your Operating System From Scratch

There’s certainly a lot of collected rubbish on your laptop if it’s quite old or if you stocked it with files and settings that were imported from a prior laptop. If you really want a fresh start, back up your hard drive and install Windows from scratch. Before continue with the installation, make sure you’ve backed up all of your data and product keys.

It’s satisfying to assist an older laptop in regaining its previous splendour.

This is a particularly effective strategy for dealing with computer slowdowns that occur after installing the most recent operating system update. You might also want to try a fresh install of an older operating system than the one you’re currently using, which will be less taxing on your laptop’s resources.


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