How to find a good family lawyer

The choice of a lawyer for family disputes will largely depend on the positive prospect of a case in court. Which family lawyer to choose: someone recommended by acquaintances, someone who is full of advertising, the other obsessively persuades you to enter into agreements with him, talking about supposedly existing connections?

Everyone understands that you need to choose a family lawyer who will win your case, but how, even before the trial begins, how do you know if a lawyer is able to win a case? Sure you can apply to the best family lawyer office in Yerevan, but let’s just pretend that you don’t know any of them.

Wise clients ask, “How will you win our case?” and only after receiving specific, detailed explanations do they enter into an agreement. This is how smart clients test whether a lawyer can actually handle a divorce successfully, and I encourage you to do the same.

A good family lawyer will tell you how he will win a family dispute for you:

  • on what the legal position will be based;
  • documents will be required from you;
  • applications will be made;
  • evidence will be presented.

This will allow you:

  • determine whether they just want to get money from you, or provide a real high-quality service of a family lawyer;
  • determine if the lawyer has a family business strategy;
  • subsequently, control the trial: whether what you promised at the very beginning

If you do not get answers to these questions, then you skidded, they do not know how to deal with family disputes.

Family dispute cases won by the following strategy

Analysis of the actual situation of the client during the consultation.

 The lawyer carefully listens to your life situation and ask clarifying questions. I separate emotions from factual information, which makes it possible to establish circumstances that affect the legal qualification of the client’s situation. What property can claimed for when divided, what amount of alimony can expected, whether there are legal grounds for keeping the child, whether there are grounds for deprivation of parental rights ? Therefore, an experienced family dispute lawyer, already at the consultation stage in 90% of cases, determines your legal position, the prospects for the case, and tells you how they will win for you. And if there are no prospects or they are probable, then they talk about it right at the first consultation, and explain why.

Collection of documents, their analysis. Preparing for the case.

In the event that during the consultation you cannot remember the dates, descriptions of the property, other invoices indicated in the documents, then the lawyer will give the final legal assessments after studying them. In any case, preparation for the case, drawing up claims, procedural petitions and statements is possible only on the basis of documents.

Depending on the circumstances of a couple’s divorce (whether they have children, property, or substantial retirement savings), they may require the involvement of lawyers. The more work an attorney needs to do, the higher the law cost.

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