How To Freely Divide PST File Into Various Parts?

Dividing Outlook PST files is the need of multiple users but users are not aware of the right way to do so. Therefore through this post, we will make you aware of the best solution for division of PST file into multiple parts. But before we discuss the solution, it is better to start with the reasons for dividing PST file.

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Why it is Required to Divide Outlook PST File?

Splitting or division of PST file is required to manage data. When PST file is about to reach or reach its maximum storage limit, users face issues in receiving & sending emails. Moreover, Outlook application also starts creating problem. The worst can happen with huge size PST file is it can corrupt and users may lose their important data.

Therefore, division of PST file becomes necessary for breaking down large PST file into multiple parts. This not only helps you to manage your data but also keep it safe.

Free Method to Break PST file Into Smaller Parts

There is no direct solution that one can utilize for breaking PST file into parts. However, few tricks are there to can help you to reduce size of PST file. By using Archive Feature and Import/Export feature of Outlook, users can somehow reduce PST file size.

But in case you need to break Outlook PST file, you should go for automated program. One such third-party program is Split PST Software.

This is a wonderful program with many advanced features. It will also give you option to divide your PST file by year, size and folder.

Here are Features Provided by this Software:

  1. Easily divide any size PST file into multiple parts.
  2. All users can easily operate the program without any confusion.
  3. There is no involvement of MS Outlook for splitting PST files.
  4. This utility conveniently works with Unicode and ANSI PST files
  5. It will show you detailed view of folders inside PST file.
  6. Only few steps are there to provide you quick results with this tool
  7. This program breaks PST file according to size, year and folder
  8. There is full security to database during splitting process
  9. No restrictions on number & size of Outlook PST files
  10. No alteration to actual hierarchy of Outlook file during & after splitting
  11. Free copy is assigned to every user to examine its working & performance
  12. Supports secure Outlook PST files without any problems


By reading this post, you can clear all your doubts regarding the need & solution for dividing PST files. Due to no direct free solution for division of PST file, we have introduced a professional solution that you can easily opt and divide you big sized PST file into multiple files on the basis of folder, year and size. Without any hassles, PST file division is performed by this program. Due to guiding interface of this utility, no user faces trouble in handling it. to overcome this issue, automated solution is highly suggested which is easy and safe to use. To know the software in details, download free Split PST Software first before you get the license version.

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