How to Help Corporate Events Arrangement with Free Apps?

Event planners and organizers have helping hands available to assist them in the whole planning and arrangement of activities for business gatherings and occasions. Different free apps as well can assist them in these stressful phases that are required by every organizer. Walkthrough, this article to know more about How to Help Corporate Events Arrangement with Free Apps?

For avoiding the stressful work out of the arrangement, most of the companies who are offering their services of corporate events in Dubai, require the right tools to assist them. Along with physical instruments, online tools as well can support them during the preparation

Feel free to explore this article in-depth to get your hands on How to Help Corporate Events Arrangement with Free Apps?

Free Apps For Event Assistance:

Online apps do help event organizers in the whole process of business gathering and occasion arrangement. Following is a list of top events organizing apps and let’s see how can they help you.


This is a perfect event assistance software app that presents all-in-one features during the arrangement process. They are used for building event websites, selling tickets, developing the number of communities, and making the most of occasion’s experiences.

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Organizers can use this app for continuous communication with the attendees before, and during. And after the event, its used in around 5000 events all over the world. These apps provide real-time analytics of every moment ranging from social sharing to the sale of tickets.


Most of the events involve attendees from around the globe. Such events are big enough that their arrangements stay a big challenge for the organizers. Trello, in this regard, can help planners deal with any size of the project.

They can invite the required amount of attendees to the task board. And stay in touch with them where they can attach files and post comments during the discussion. For task division, this app offers a drag and drop facility for team members on different boards. Other features include adding labels and creating checklists and due date specifications.


Budget and expenses require proper care to minimize tough conditions during the organizing phase. Monefy in this regard can offer personal financial services to manage the whole of your event expenditures in one place.

Monefy can avoid disorders in tracking your expenditure and can provide the whole of an event’s spending on a detailed transaction list. They can export and keep a back backup while offering the facility of viewing data, exporting, and synchronizing it to Dropbox.

The Bottom Line:

Most of the event companies in Dubai are arranged to help by online apps to effectively organize the whole arrangement process. They not only provide the opportunity of inviting worldwide attendees to the event, additionally. But, they may also control event expenses and give concise analytic information about tickets. That has to sell out so that the event organizers can plan their next steps.

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