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How to identify a raw diamond

There are a large number of precious stones that many people prefer to get. Diamonds are one of the most important, famous, and most expensive of these stones. The locations of raw diamonds vary. Thus, some people may be deceived at times as a result of the inability to differentiate between real and fake diamonds. So, some mentioned some signs and tests that would help discover the real raw diamond.

How to identify real diamonds

There is more than one way that can be done to discover whether a diamond is real, raw, or an imitation and a fake. The most important of these methods are the following:

Confirming that the diamond is real by using fog

Put a diamond in front of your mouth, and take out some air and mist from your mouth. If the diamond remains on its mist for some seconds. They are fake and not real, but this mist does not stick to them at all. They are real diamonds because water vapor and condensed water do not stick to the diamond.

Confirming that the diamond is real by using water

Bring a cup and fill it with water, it doesn’t matter what kind of water you use. Put the diamond into the water cup, since the diamond stone has a high density. A piece of a raw diamond is supposed to sink into the bottom of the cup, and here it is a real diamond. But if it floats to the surface or in the middle of the cup, then it will sink to the bottom of the cup. It is a fake diamond, not real.

Make sure that the diamond is real by using a magnifying glass

It can also be confirmed that the diamond is raw and real through the use of a magnifying lens.. This is done by placing the diamond piece under the lens and looking at it. If you find that your diamond does not show any small marks; Here it is a fake and not a real diamond. But if you find some infinitesimal signs, then it is not a real diamond. Here are real diamonds.

Confirming that the diamond is real by using a black light

You will need a black light here. To do this experiment, turn off all other lights around you. And direct the blacklight towards the diamond. As most diamonds flash blue when exposed to blacklight. Thus if you find a blue light ranging from mild to severe. Here it is a real diamond, but if you find shimmers of a green, yellow, or gray color. This is evidence that your piece of stone is not a real diamond.

Note: This test may confirm that what you actually have is a real raw diamond. But it is not definitive proof that it is not a real diamond if it does not give off a blue flash. Some diamonds do not flash when exposed to black light.

Make sure the diamonds are real using paper

This test is relied upon to find out whether the diamond is real or fake, especially in large cuts. A point is identified on the paper and a piece of stone is placed over it. If you are able to see that point clearly; This is evidence that it is a fake diamond and is not real. But if you find that the point is not clear, then it is not clear. This is evidence that what you have is actually real diamonds. And this is because real diamonds are known to cause refraction in the light beam, and this is what makes the writing below unclear.

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