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How to Install TVMob on Firestick and Android TV Box [May 2022]

This guide will show you how to install TVMob on Firestick, Fire TV, and Android TV devices. Screenshots are included with the guide

What is TVMob?

TVMob, a newer version TVTap was rebranded and enhanced just a few months following the disappearance and relaunch of the famous Mobdro. This is a live TV application that offers hundreds of channels around the world, including those from the USA, UK, Canada, and Spain.

TVMob features

View hundreds of TV Channels

The app has 700+ TV channels that are sourced from around the globe. These channels can be viewed in 720p or 1080p.

A Superb Interface

TVTap launched a new, sleek design. It’s the same one TVMob still uses. It is elegant, yet simple, and easy to use.

Many Categories

You can filter the channels by Entertainment, Movies and Music News, Sports, Documentaries, and Kids.

Multiple Players

Under Settings, you can select the player between any player from Go Player or an external player.
Customizability You can choose whether a stream should launch full or in mini mode, and how channels will appear.

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No Ads

TVMob is also completely ad-free. This is right! The app won’t need to share resources. The option will likely be available soon.
After you’ve seen the benefits of TVMob, it is time to try it out for yourself. In a second, we’ll show how to install TVMob for Android TV and Firestick. But first, let’s make a disclaimer.

How to install TVMob on Firestick and Android TV

In order to install TVMob, we will need to sideload the app as it isn’t available in the Amazon Store or Google Play Store. It’s best to use via an app called Downloader. We will need to install it first.

Step 1: Install the Downloader

  • You can download Downloader on Android TV just like any other app, as long as it’s accessible on the Play Store.
  • You can search for Downloader on Firestick.
  • Go to your home screen and select the Find button. Click Search.
  • Type Downloader into the search bar and click on search.
  • You should see the app as the first choice. Click Download to select it.
  • After installation and downloading, the Open option will be displayed. You don’t need to open it; just return to your home screen.

Step 2: Allow Installation from Unknown Sources

Once the Downloader is installed, you will need to give your device permission to install any third-party apps downloaded from the app.

  • Go to the device’s Home screen and go to Options.
  • Select MyFireTV. This option is Security, restrictions, and HTML3_ on Android devices. However, this can vary from manufacturer.
  • Open Developer Options (Skip for Android TV).
  • Turn on Apps From Unknown Sources.
  • Firestick Gen, Firestick Lite, or Android TV will show Unknown Apps. After selecting it, you’ll see Downloader. Click it to activate the option.
  • The Downloader can be used to install additional apps. However, you might want to increase your Firestick privacy if you haven’t done so yet (in addition to using VPN).
  • Return to the home screen and click Preferences > Privacy Settings. Turn off ” Device Use Data” and “Collect App Usage Data”.
  • This will stop Amazon from collecting data about the apps you use.

Step 3: Install TVMob onto Firestick

We’ll use the latest app to install TVMob Firestick.

  • Connect your device to a reliable VPN. This is necessary because ISPs might block access to the app’s downloaded location or stop the app from connecting to external streaming sources.
  • Open Downloader, navigate to the browser section, and in the box “Enter URL Or Search Term”, enter the code 43961. Click Go.
  • Now, the APK should be downloaded.
  • Then, you’ll be asked to install it. Click Installation.
  • Once the installation is completed, click Done.
  • You’ll be able to delete TVMob APK from there and free up space. To confirm, click Delete then Delete once more.
  • Then, you can go to your apps section and find the app.

How to use TVMob on Firestick or Android TV

  • Once TVMob has been installed, connect your device with a VPN server.
  • You can then open TVMob from there. You don’t need to create an account, log in or register for the app. The app can be used immediately.
  • Click the menu button at the top left to see the categories.
  • You can customize the channels by clicking on the globe icon and choosing the countries you want. (You will need Mouse Toggle to do this).
  • Select the one that interests you and click on the button to choose the channel. The channel should immediately start playing.
  • The player can be maximized or enabled in full mode by going to settings.

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TVMob should be installed using its APK file. If you have an Android TV or Firestick, you can also check out. This app is a rebranded version of TVTap and offers many HD channels with stable streams. The app’s advanced interface makes it easy to use. However…

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