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If you were born with a mouse and keyboard in hand, and if you sleep with a PlayStation remote under your pillow. Chances are good that you can turn your hobby of online video virtual games into cash. There are people who play video virtual games as a major and exclusive profession. And make good money from it. If you are a gamer, this article is for you. Come read and get to know all the methods for making money from online virtual games.

Winning competitions – professional competitive gaming

I remember when I was a 16-year-old kid, I was a member of a team that played together in the computer game Unreal 99. We played against other teams that were incorporated on the internet. This is an action-type shooting game where the pace is very fast. And only the punctual and knowledgeable, and familiar with the game maps manage to hit the heads of their opponents in high percentages.

Everything was very reminiscent of the world of football or basketball – there are teams, the better you are the better team you get into. And when you get really good some teams fight for you to get into their team. Massive training would make you better. You would become more precise with aiming and faster and smoother in the movement of your character with the keyboard and mouse.

The Comparision

United many virtual games and many teams in a kind of social network for computer players decided to add Israelis to the global gaming arena. He runs official and big tournaments (most of which the players would do from home on the net, but in the final stages there was a huge meeting and the virtual game was broadcast on big screens in real-time). And the teams and players who win the national web virtual game championship will reach the world championships in those virtual games and fields.

It’s just like the world of sports in football, only instead of kicking a football, there is a keyboard and mouse. Since then, those who win national championships have been sent to world championships. Now, let’s clarify something sharp: winning the national championship or a respectable position at the world championships in online virtual games – brings with it valuable prizes and sums of money directly (as a result of winning) and indirectly (hardware and virtual game companies may want to cooperate with you, more on that later).

How hard is it? very hard.

Gamers may spend tons of money on expensive hardware (which will help them get better up to a certain level), and spend many hours training to be the best in the country or the best in the world at certain virtual games. Naturally, there are those with more talent and those with less. If you are already very good at a certain game, know that if you become one of the best in the country (and at the same time, probably one of the best in the world, because in Israel there is world-class gaming) and it is a competitive game with award-winning tournaments – it can become a source of income Not bad at all.


Unlike this example, to win collaborations with sponsors you do not have to be one of the best in the country. You must, yes, be somewhat good at the network virtual game you play, and be special. Maybe release content, build communities, or broadcast your live virtual game, with an energetic and special vibe around the content you release. Soon if you are a well-known gamer who plays well in a particular game and the community of players around knows you, game companies and hardware companies will want to form collaborations with you.

It can be real money for mentioning the company name in your post, or alternatively virtual game, equipment, game consoles, technological accessories, or anything they produce – for free.

Mice, keyboards, remotes, PlayStation, you can instead get out of your pocket to get free, and the main thing is to have your picture in the post in front of an audience of fans with a large caption of the company name on your shirt, or something in style. If you give women who play a nervous action game (one with shots and explosions) – your way there is short. When there is a “girl” who plays a “men” game (excuse the stereotypes for me, yes?), And she becomes a good actress and starts opening channels on social networks where she talks about the virtual game, posts or broadcasts her virtual game live, many in the community play it Game start following it.

A professional gamer branded from head to toe in her ostentatious gaming position, in a branded photo funded by hardware and equipment companies for gamers to whom her entire circle of followers and fans are exposed.

Broadcast your virtual game live

If you are a good level player in a certain game (and not necessarily the best there is, but it can help a lot) and this is a well-known and well-known network game with lots of players and community (not necessarily only in Israel, you can also abroad), you can open a channel or Tiktok, which recently launched the Tiktok Live option that gamers celebrate immediately upon launch) where you will broadcast your virtual game live.

You will be amazed at how many people who love the game it will attract, there are live channels that every time the player behind them connects to the server and starts playing, thousands of people immediately go into the broadcast, and watch his game live for long hours.

You can make real money like this since on platforms like Twitch or Tiktok Live, you can receive donations, which the audience gives to the channel owner as a token of appreciation and gratitude. Many of them send a dollar a month as a donation, and there are also a few wealthy individuals who, if connected to you, your style and your way of playing.

VGAMER – The New Virtual Game, You Need To Experience

Welcome to VGAMER, an application that helps us connect our console games, play, stake, stream, and create NFT with other users. It is a place where gamers and blockchain meet to make friends.

All details are in https://vgamer.io

Token Pre-sale (Details):

Platform:  Pinksale.finance

Start: Dec 24, 2021 (8:00PM GMT)

End: Dec 27, 2022 (12:00AM GMT)

Number of tokens: 25,000,000,000 VGM (25%)

Soft cap / Hard cap: 50% / 100%

Exchange rate: 1 BNB = 12,500,000 VGM

Accepted currencies: BNB, BUSD

Min / Max buy: 0.1 / 10 BNB

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