How to measure for a cowboy hat ?

You never find just a little sort of cowboy hat. You find everywhere the most common and luxurious cattleman-style hat. This is called a cowboy hat and it is very personal property. This type of cattleman’s hat must have a curved brim and its crown somewhat three creases on the hat top. It is great news that the first style is very popular in the USA. In 1865 these cattlemen’s hats were created by Mr. john b stet son. In addition, Nevada, Dakota, gambler pinch front created this type of hat. Nevada created a flat crown and brim that normally aerated woven bands. A few days later Gambler designed a similar and most common feature: wide and flat brim and crown that are usually made in black.

 How to size a cowboy hat?

 Best cowboy hats are not just based on style but also on other considerations like material comfortness and price. If you are looking for good material like leather you must pay a good price to get a durable hat .

You can choose the lightweight hat for good maintenance. It’s made of leather, wool, or fur felt material which provides more comfort and looks nice. We know wool prices are not so high.

Although it’s not waterproof it’s affordable and durable. Do you know fur felt material made from beaver o, buffalo, rabbit, or chinchilla? You should choose the right size brim for a brim that matches your face shape and head size. You should choose a UV protective hat. 

How do you pick a cowboy hat?

  1. Get the right size : It is the first and foremost step to getting proper and perfect cowboy hats. Make sure your size is not smaller or big. Before choosing you should measure your head size to better fit. You should remember any cowboy cap fits your head snugly your whole head. So our final thought is that you should focus on your head and hat size before you purchase. If your head is smaller you can buy foam strips so that it fits tighter with your head.
  1. Material: When you choose cowboy hats you have many options available. There are many types of material like felt, rabbit, leather, beaver, and straw. You should remember Felt hats are warmer. You should choose this one only during cold seasons. According to you, Straws are better during hot weather.
  1. Adjust your hair: It is very essential to make sure that your hat is sitting on your head properly for longer hair that lays smoothly. On the contrary, if your hair is short this option is not for you.
  1. Put the bow to the back correctly: it is a matter of great fact that the majority of cowboy hats have a small bow included around the headband. Please make sure The bow stays on the back of your head.

How to measure a cowboy hat?

1.MEASURING TAPE – The texture type you can fold over your head

2.STRING – if you do not have any measuring tape you can Use string estimating tape or a ruler.

3.WRITING UTENSILS – you can also take a help Piece of paper to record your estimation

Size Head Measurement (Inches) Hat Size
Extra Small 20 ¼ Inches 6 ⅜
Extra Small 20 ⅝ Inches 6 ½
Extra Small 21 Inches 6 ⅝
Small 21 ½ Inches 6 ¾
Small 21 ⅞ Inches 6 ⅞
Medium 22 ¼ Inches 7
Medium 22 ⅝ Inches 7 ⅛
Large 23 Inches 7 ¼
Large 23 ⅜ Inches 7 ⅜
Extra Large 23 ¾ Inches 7 ½
Extra Large 24 Inches 7 ⅝
2XL 24 ½ Inches 7 ¾
2XL 25 7 ⅞
3XL 25 ½ Inches 8

You get here : hats for small head  

How to size a cowboy hat ?

This chart will help you find your ideal cowboy hat size. If you’re unsure, come on in to visit us—we’ll help you find the perfect sizes and styles to which are the best fit.

If I’m not a cowboy Can I wear a cowboy hat?

Obviously, you can wear this. Do you know many western people use a cowboy hat not only normally used as a cowboy hat? Men and women both usually use this hat appropriately every time. But almost any professional or official activities in the Western world use these cattlemen’s hats. So it is easy to say that people can use this cowboy hat easily.

What color cowboy hat to wear with brown boots?

The silver belly is a standard color for cowboy hats with brown boots. Silver belly gives you a classic look and keeps you full coverage with any special occasion. Second, you can choose a dark color which is really nice for western people. Many western people choose the dark color with brown boots.

What shape should my cowboy hat be?

Undoubtedly squire faces look great on any rounded cowboy hat. You can also choose the somewhat curved brim and shallow side vents good for square faces shape according to the lazy ranch

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