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How to Search the Best IVF Doctor in Bangalore?

How to Search the Best IVF Doctor in Bangalore?

When you decide to become parents through IVF, finding a clinic or IVF doctor in your local city such as Bangalore is crucial for you. It is, as the IVF doctor is in the leading role in your fertility treatments and gives you hope. For searching for the best IVF doctors in Bangalore, you need to think of several aspects and go through several resources. Here is more on how you can find the best doctor for your IVF treatment:

Think about where you can find the requisite information 

Usually, an IVF doctor with his/her team runs a clinic or hospital to treat couples with infertility. And the doctor has to follow the set industry norms & regulations. Therefore, you can find the requisite information on:

  • Clinics’ or doctor’s websites
  • Clinic or doctor statistics report page on CDC’s website in the USA or ICMR’s website in India
  • Association of reproductive treatment’s website 
  • Consultations with a few doctors in your city, country, or out of the same       

Consider about the IVF doctor 

People know a doctor for the treatment and support services he/she offers to patients and how effective his/her treatment is for the patients. While searching for a doctor for IVF treatment, you should be careful. You should find answers to as many questions as you can do. Here are some points that you should know about the doctor:

    • Response time and means – Find out how often the doctor responds to a patient’s queries. Further, try to know what means the doctor uses to respond. The means are phone calls, emails, or chats.    
    • Educational qualification and the year in which the doctor received training for ART services such as in vitro fertilization – Usually, a doctor should have an MBBS degree and requisite qualification in reproductive health, basically in gynecology or fertility treatments. You should enquire about the year in which the doctor had training in assisted reproductive treatments such as IVF, ICSI, IUI, and TESA/PESA. The training year will help you know how many years of experience a doctor has in IVF treatment.     
  • The doctor’s affiliation with a clinic or hospital – Try to find out whether the doctor treats patients at home or in a clinic/hospital. It will help you know more about the doctor.  
  • Experience in years – As far as possible, you should avoid consulting an IVF doctor who has just received knowledge and training in ART services. Having more experience means the doctor will have gone through several challenges in treating patients and learned a lot from those challenges.   

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Explore the clinic/hospital 

No doctor treats patients at his/her residence. Doctors work in a hospital or run their own clinics. Therefore, you should know about the clinic while searching for the best IVF doctor in Bangalore. Here is more on what you should know about the clinic/hospital:

    • Location of the clinic – Get to know whether it is easily accessible for you or not.  
    • Available supportive staff – In the treatment, you may have several needs such as care, tests, and allied treatments. So, it is essential for you to know the availability of other health professionals such as nurses, pathologists, and urologists.  
    • Staff behavior/work approach – Explore how the staff behaves with patients in a clinic or hospital. Move ahead if the staff is not friendlier to the patients.   
    • Opening hours and days – Knowing opening hours and days will help you decide when you should visit the clinic and book your appointment for the required treatment.  
  • Availability on specific times or days to clear your doubts or receive updates on your treatment procedures – You should know about the availability of emergency services. In case of an emergency, the clinic or hospital is ready to admit you or not. 

Educate yourself on treatment procedures and allied things 

You should be aware of each associated thing/point of IVF treatment while searching and finalizing a respective doctor/clinic or hospital. Having the right answers on treatment-associated things will help you in choosing the right doctor or clinic for your treatment. Here is a list of topics/points on which you can ask questions to get positive responses:

  • Cut off age for treatment– Many IVF doctors and clinics follow ethics strongly. And they avoid admitting couples above 45 for IVF treatment. You need to be aware of your age and the cut-off age for treatment.  
  • Possible procedures – IVF is a long-term treatment and contains several procedures. In the treatment, you have to go through several procedures. Consultation, examinations & tests, ovary stimulation, egg retrieval, egg fertilization with sperm in the labs, embryo transfer, pregnancy tests, and care during pregnancy & after childbirth.   
  • Available allied options – Even being the most effective treatment, IVF never gives a guarantee of success. So, you should ask questions on the availability of other options that you can consider after 2-3 failed IVF cycles. 
  • The recommended procedure for a particular case – You can ask questions on ovary stimulation drugs, a number of possible IVF cycles, etc. 
  • Places/labs for the tests – Tests are done at in-house labs or you will have to go outside for the recommended tests. 
  • And allied others 

Think about success rates 

The success of your IVF treatment has a close link to your age, infertility, reproductive health status, and genetic condition. Further, it depends on the doctor’s skills and experience. However, you should opt for the one with a higher success ratio. It will ensure the success of your IVF treatment.  


For searching and selecting the best IVF doctor in Bangalore, you should think about all the points mentioned in the post. You should do a compare and contrast by keeping these points in mind and on the basis of the collected information. You will have more confidence and expect to have successful IVF treatment.   






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