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How to take care of your elderly in the summer season

Summers are the escapes for fun and holiday mode for everyone. All the family gets together, and summer vacations bring us a lot of joy and bliss, but this cannot be the case with the elderly as their bodies are weak and can get easily affected by the summer heat. Yes, our bodies can protect us by balancing the temperatures, but there would be a limit for our bodies, and beyond that, the body can easily attract illness which is not good for seniors. In the peak summers, when the temperatures are high, Senior Care Services has to be taken to the elderly to keep them away from diseases.   

Firstly, let us look at the reasons why the seniors have to be careful during the summers  

  • Heart and blood vessel diseases  
  • Decreased sweat gland functioning with aging  
  • Change in the appearance of the skin  
  • Weak functionality of the heart, kidney, and liver might let them easily get affected by the heat  
  • Overweight and underweight also lead to a variety of illnesses during the summer season  

Here are a few ways that can help the elderly during the summer season  

Let your parents consume high amounts of water.  

Liquids are the savior of the body during the summer, which is more important for the elderly as the skin will get dry with age, and hydration helps them to keep the skin moist. Having eight glasses of water a day is ideal, and intake of other liquids like fruit juices and coconut water can help the body resist heat and keep it cool and hydrated. Fruit juices also give energy to your patient’s bodies, thus helping them cope with the summers.  

Use sunscreen  

This term is widely used, especially during the summer, as our skin is more prone to getting tanned and sunburnt in the summers. Tan is not a good term at all, and even the slightest sign of sunburn can lead to cancer due to the heart and full UV rays in the sun. For the elderly, the chances will be even higher due to their low immunity levels. So, applying sunscreen to your parent’s faces is always better once they step out of the house.  

Avoid the heat as much as possible.  

If the elderly are at home, ensure that their rooms are cool and their bed is all placed neatly with smooth, cotton bed sheets. Also, keep in mind to arrange an air conditioner in the room at optimal temperature. When they go out, always let them go out using an umbrella, cap, and sunglasses as they help prevent the total heat from reaching the bodies.   

Use comfortable clothes  

Clothing is the basic yet primary thing to consider during summers while dealing with the elderly at home. Make them wear loose cotton clothes during summer that absorb the heat and do not cause them any uneasiness. Never wear any silk or black colored clothes for your elderly as they cause irritation during the summer and make them feel weak. You should also remember that the clothes they wear do not lead to slips and falls when they move around the house.  

Do not allow them to go out much.  

Summers are not the safe zone to roam around, especially afternoons. Let your elderly move out only if the heat is less; else, they might get drained out and weak due to the scorching summer heat outside. It would help if you also kept in mind that your parents are aged and need to consume a lot of foods that balance their overall health. There is also a possibility of your elderly getting attacked by sunstroke if they move out in summer way more frequently than required, which can also be fatal. So, vigilance is always necessary when dealing with elderly parents at any point in time.  

Regular cold showers would be a great help.  

The high temperatures outside make it very natural to feel suffocated during the summers. If this is the case for normal people, consider the case of your elderly parents. They find it even more suffocating, and if they are bedridden, this condition is even worse. So, to help them with the fluctuating high temperatures of the summers, make them have cold showers daily or wipe their bodies with a cold, wet cloth if they are bedridden. This brings them peace and aids them in having a sound sleep.  


Seasonal care is of utmost priority when dealing with elderly parents, and summer is no exception. By following the steps mentioned above, you can Care For Elderly in the comfort of your home.

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