How To Take Care Of Your Precious Engagement Ring


Women who are not used to wearing fine jewelry on regular basis will find it difficult to wear a ring studded with precious diamonds. It is like babysitting a newborn baby. Whether the diamond ring has silver bad, platinum band, or gold, but the diamond sitting at the top makes this ring precious. There are different ways to take care of silver rings, golden rings, or platinum engagement rings. But the basic tips to take care of these are the same. When you will have a sparkling engagement ring on your finger, then there will be so many questions running through your mind like should I wear while sleeping? Should I take it off while taking shower?

As the engagement ring is expensive, therefore, it is quite obvious for running all these questions in your mind. Most women do not even have a clue how to take care of this engagement ring in their daily lives. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various tips to take care of your precious engagement ring:

Properly Clean Your Ring

It is not possible to stop the buildup of dirt and oil in the engagement ring. But due to this buildup, the sparkle and shimmer of the diamond will be blocked. There is no point in wearing a beautiful cut diamond whose brilliance is blocked by the layer of dirt and oil. Failing to clean your ring regularly is injustice with this precious stone. Fortunately, cleaning a diamond ring is not labor-intensive. You just need to put it inside a mug of hot soapy water. Leave the ring inside the mug for a few minutes. After that, you should gently start scrubbing the stone with a soft-bristled brush. Finally, rinse it with clean water and pat dry.

Protect Your Diamond

Though diamond metal is the hardest metal in the world, it can still bruise, chip and fracture. Therefore, you should be very careful with the diamond on the top of the engagement rings. The prong setting is strong and capable enough to hold the diamond for long, but you should be careful and never take it lightly.

Set One Place For Ring

Most women take off the ring while washing their hands and forget it there. If you do not want to lose this precious ring then we recommend you do not just place it anywhere. If you want to take it off, then you should place it in one fixed place. It will significantly reduce the chances of losing your ring. The rules for when to wear the engagement ring and when to take it off are based on the type of stone and paving. For instance, if you have a very delicate ring that has a micro pave stones, then you should take it off while doing a rigorous workout. The stones on the ring with delicate paving tend to pop out easily as compared to others. Therefore, you should take it off while doing something labour-intensive.

Take Its Insurance

One of the best ways to enjoy peace of mind is to take the insurance of your diamond engagement rings or wedding rings. It is recommended that you should immediately take the insurance after coming out of the store. The insurance value of the ring is based on the ring type and its worth. The evaluation is done by the jeweller and this evaluation is far beyond the purchase slip. The insurance of the precious engagement ring will let you wear this ring without any worries.

Keep Checking Prongs And Settings

You should keep your eyes on your ring. Also, it is recommended to visit your jeweler once a year for a prong setting check. The Jeweler will deeply analyze the ring setting and make sure that the prong setting is tight and the diamond is safe. If your engagement ring has a classic setting like solitaire in the platinum band, then you do not need to visit a jeweller for a regular check. This type of diamond setting is safe and amazing. You can also do the prong setting check by yourself. Make sure that all the prongs have the same height and all of them are holding diamonds tightly. Hold the ring between the fingers and shake a little bit. If you hear the sound, then it is time to visit the jeweller.

Ring Dishes In Your House

You should place ring dishes in all the rooms of your house. If you want to take it off, then you should know where to place it. It will let you easily get the ring because you know where you can place it. Whether it is a bathroom, kitchen, or any other room of your house. The ring dishes will provide you with a designated place for your ring. It will keep your ring safe and ensure peace of mind.here

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