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How to Test Your Sperm Count at Home Using Water?

The water test is a valid procedure for analysing sperm membrane quality. It evaluated the practical quality of the mortal sperm layer by the water test for an unproductive male fertility clinic in India and correlated the outcomes with those attained by several semen examinations, including HOST.

This article clarifies how sperm scores can be examined using water, elements of the numerous results of the examination, and examines how to deal with a low sperm count.

How can I test if my sperm is good?

To examine your sperm level, and to recognize if you’re fertile or not, you are required to adapt a semen specimen to the laboratory for analysis. To obtain the specimen, you are required to ejaculate it into a specimen mug. Then transmit this specimen to a laboratory, for semen examination. The laboratory will analyse the specimen for the sperm score and other components. The outcomes may be discharged after a few hours.

Moreover, there is a semen examination at home. To do the examination just attend the instructions set in the examination kit. It will notify you if your test is common or not.

How to increase the sperm count

Attending the below-mentioned steps can assist you to improve your sperm count:

Lessen your toxic load by minimising your susceptibility to

  • Radiation: keep your portable phone and laptop far away from your groyne. 
  • Chemicals: comprising those found in glues, cleaning commodities, dry cleaned clothes, colour, paint strippers, photocopy device toners, silicones, chemical dust and pesticides, and active and pharmaceutical pills.
  • Stop smoking as smokers are 60% more inclined to be unproductive than non-smokers.
  • Supervise pressure by techniques such as yoga, meditation or exercise. 
  • Restrict liquor consumption as even an acceptable intake of 1-5 drinks per week boosts the danger of infertility. 
  • Conserving a healthful weight as per your BMI as being overweight considerably lessens male fertility and can also improve the hazard of erectile dysfunction by 30-90%.

This enhances even more in pairs in which both spouses are overweight.

How to analyze your sperm score at residence utilizing water

How to analyse your sperm to predict your male fertility statuses, whilst also listing what actions to take if the outcomes are less than positive:- 

If you and your spouse have been attempting unsuccessfully to be pregnant, there could be various explanations for this. One of those may be due to a low sperm score.

Here are the points you can attend to test your sperm score at home with the help of water:

  • Get a specimen of semen.
  • Fill a jar with water.
  • Squirt semen into the water bottle.
  • Examine the semen for modifications.
  • While male infertility doctors in India and the incapacity to conceive can be due to problems between either one or both partners.

Semen Sinks After a Few Minutes

If the semen puts up with a little bit before ultimately plunging to the bottom after a few moments, it pretty much tells a similar thing but with a minor disparity.

Semen Doesn’t Sink at All

If the semen doesn’t sink to the bottom of the bottle even after a few moments of observation, it implies greater and reasonable attention to sperm cells. This indicates that the sperm cells are active with effective membranes that rise with water allowing them to swim indefinitely.

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