How To Use Best Oster Blender Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Oster Blender Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Oster Blender offer an impressive assortment of features, some of which overlap with those of the standard food processor. With that said, a blender and a food processor are separate appliances with distinct differences. More than anything, the differences boil down to the types of ingredients they can handle and the types of textures they can achieve.

With their powerful motors and blade attachments, food processors are designed to handle involved, arduous tasks: chopping, dicing, mincing, and shredding vegetables and fruits and mixing viscous ingredients like nut butter and dough.

Blenders are designed to mix liquids, softer foods, and ice. They’re most often used to make soups, smoothies, salad dressings, pureed baby food, and cocktails. Some people also use a blender to mix cake batter and certain types of textured sauces, like hollandaise and Alfredo.

Jar or bottle capacity

Before you begin comparing Oster blenders, assess your needs. If you only need a blender for personal use, you might be better served by one of Oster’s travel blenders with sports bottles that hold approximately 20 ounces. If you cook large amounts of food, it’s worth investing in an Oster blender with a large-capacity jar between 48 and 64 ounces.

Blending jar materials

The blending jars of Oster blenders are made of the company’s trademarked Boroclass Glass or BPA-free plastic. Each material has its pros and cons. Boroclass Glass jars are sturdy and resist scratching, thermal shock, and staining, but may break if dropped. Plastic jars are lightweight and typically found on more affordable models. However, the plastic may scratch, stain, or leach over time.


Q. Do Oster blenders have any space-saving attributes?

A. The only space-saving attribute in some Oster blenders is the way the power cord wraps or folds into the base. In terms of design, Oster blenders aren’t as bulky as comparable blenders on the market.

Some Oster blenders come in as many as five colors. Others are available in black or stainless steel.

Q. What kind of warranty will I get with an Oster blender?

A. It depends on the product. Some have a limited warranty or three-year satisfaction guarantee. Others come with a 10-year warranty on the all-metal drive. If your blender has unique parts or attachments, each one may be subject to different warranty coverage. For a definitive answer, check the warranty information in your user manual.

Q. How do I decide between an Oster blender and an Oster food processor?

A. Blenders and food processors share some attributes, but you should lean toward a food processor if you intend to blend wet and dry ingredients and want an appliance that will save you time and effort in preparing a host of recipes. The reason: Unlike a blender, a food processor has more than a single blade. It comes with multiple blade attachments that will allow you to blend, shred, chop, grate, and more.

Q. How should I store my Oster blender when it’s not in use?

A. If you’d like to store it off the countertop, place it in a cabinet or pantry. Another option is to keep the blender on your countertop, but it may attract dirt or grease and need occasional wipedowns. Some consumers invest in a washable appliance cover to keep dust at bay.

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