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Hysteroscopy: Is It Essential Before IVF?

Hysteroscopy is a process that checks out the condition of the uterus and if it is healthy enough to carry a baby. It spots problems in detail that ultrasound cannot scan. There are clinics that ask for a hysteroscopy to be done before the process of IVF.

But it is generally not recommended by every doctor. Some doctors ask for this process only if they find something unusual and if ultrasound results are unable to provide the concern in detail. It is said that this is a very simple procedure that requires little surgery and can even increase the chances of pregnancy as the issue can be identified in detail and maybe the solution that will be given will be a bit different from the ultrasound one in women.
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In men, normal sperm morphology analysis is seen and analyzed under a microscope which shows the number of sperm, semen has.

It is not necessary to do hysteroscopy if ultrasound gives you the correct result, but some doctors just recommended this process as they get paid for this. This is an extra unusual procedure, not for everyone but for some, it is. For every doctor, these processes are minor, but for every patient, each and every process is heart-wrenching and major.

Hysteroscopy or Laparoscopy. Which Is Better?

Hysteroscopy is a process that has zero cuts. The tools are inserted through the vagina and internal organs are analyzed. One more process, i.e., laparoscopy, requires cuts in the abdomen to analyze the parts of the uterus. This is done only when the doctors could not find the reason for the problem.

Procedure of Hysteroscopy

  • Women who are going to have hysteroscopy are first inserted with anesthesia so that the pain cannot be felt.
  • Then the vagina is inserted by tools to analyze the organs which are viewed on the screen.
  • Hysteroscopy gives a direct result as it is analyzed bit by bit. If a person has been through miscarriages or something troublesome, then they must go for this process as it gives a detailed report.

Does Hysteroscopy Have Side Effects?

Hysteroscopy has a very small number of side effects. A woman who went through this process, might feel bloated and have dizziness. They can also have small bleeding and suffer from cramps but only for a very small time period. A woman goes for IVF only when it gets difficult to become normally pregnant. And if she along with her partner is in dire need of a baby, then they will definitely complete this process of Hysteroscopy as it is not costly and if this can give them better results, then why not do this process too.

The Time It Takes to Complete the Process of Hysteroscopy

Hysteroscopy is a process that is done after giving anesthesia to a woman. It depends upon the procedure. If hysteroscopy is actually needed, then it takes time up to two hours, else, it takes just around twenty minutes to complete the process. It totally depends on the procedure.

The Time It Takes to Cure After Hysteroscopy

Hysteroscopy is a very normal surgery after which the woman can go home the same day of the procedure. Some women need time to recover and so they are suggested to remain in the hospital for at least one day. After every surgery, women face some difficulty. And so, after hysteroscopy, women can feel cramps but it is bearable to them. Some start with their daily chores soon and some take time to heal first. It totally depends on the procedure.


Hysteroscopies are suggested by the doctors before the process of IVF but it is not necessary to follow this process. If the doctor finds something unusual, then only hysteroscopy must be done, or else it can be quiet as ultrasound gives mostly the same results as this process. Male Fertility Clinic analyses male sperm and if finds any problems, they are also treated under surgery. So neither women nor men can ignore surgery if they want to have their own baby through IVF under a doctor’s recommendation.

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