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Importance Of Network Security Testing Through Pen Testing

Having the best security system that can protect an organization from security and data breaches and other types of cyber-attack is something that every organization will demand. This is crucial for every organization to have such network security systems. But the problem is, even with their major claims, they will still not sure if their system is doing great or find enough. This is where Network Security Testing or IT pen-testing comes into the picture.

Any organization or business claiming to have the best network, application, and overall security system. Should employ regular pen testing to learn about how well their system is working. Just because you trust your in-house team and your system was updated recently, you cannot claim to have the best security system. Employing regular pen tests for Network Security is crucial and here is why.

Compliance With Industry Standards and Regulations

Penetration testing covers the security and compliance requirements established by industry rules and standards such as PCI, FISMA, HIPAA, and ISO 27001. Network Pen testing is a technique for determining how a hacker might gain access to sensitive business information and any related proprietary assets. Since their attack techniques continually expanding and evolving, it’s critical to find and repair security vulnerabilities before they could be exploited by others.

Regular penetration examinations are required by several government bodies and enterprises. Furthermore, whether a business employs applications, payment infrastructure, or devices within their business, frequent monitoring and testing will be a must to secure the data of the cards by the organization.

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Prevent Hackers to Get into the System

The basic purpose of pen testing is to use the procedures that a hacker would employ to infiltrate your system. To understand and examine how your system, application, or infrastructure security will handle that sort of assault, the expert Network Security Provider who understands the thinking of a hacker will perform the same activities that hackers would.

Since you are proactively using real-world ways to determine. How secure your Network Security genuinely you will have a better idea about your system’s strength. Conducting frequent penetration testing can assist you in identifying security flaws, and enable you to address them before any cyber-attack occur.

Avoid Expansive Data Breaches

If someone succeeds to get access to your data, the recovery procedure may be time-consuming and costly. After a hacker gains access to a system, firms might spend millions of dollars on lost sales, legal bills, consumer protection programs, IT remediations, and customers having little to no trust in the brand.

You may not know but the average overall cost of a data breach is $3.86 million. According to the 2021 “Cost of a Data Breach Report.” If you are working with or in healthcare then it would be shocking to know how expensive a data breach may incur in this industry. The average cost can reach up to $7.13 million. Without employing the services of a Network Security Company such costs may get differ and be higher according to the industry size. The United States is the most expensive area for data breaches, with an average cost of $8.7 million.

Create A Potentially Mature the Environment

When an organization’s security choices enhance and they focus on employing network security testing. It can provide the organization a significant competitive edge over other organizations in the same sector. With the help of an internal risk audit. You will be aware of the security status so you can assure the network security of your clients and customers.  After that utilize your products and services. 

Furthermore, executing a standardized network penetration test, such as an OWASP ASVS, may be very persuasive when talking about security with new partners and clients. Regular penetration testing, on the other hand, does more than demonstrate your commitment to compliance and data protection. It also shows that you are always trying to improve your security. Making customers feel more comfortable entrusting their personal information to you. 

The expertise of Network Security Company

Organizations are now hiring dedicated teams for network security. They are allocating budget to them and the team experts are working effortlessly to make sure the overall Network Security system is working great. However, they don’t have huge exposure to different techniques of cyber attackers. This method exploits any vulnerability within their system.

Since a Network Security Provider will be outsourced. They will make sure to employ any updated techniques and methods by doing ethical hacking. Because they have been in the field of network security testing for quite some time. They have a better idea about the working of the hackers. With their updated knowledge and strategies, your in-house security team can take huge advantage. 

They will have a better idea of how hackers can use the exploit to gain access to the system. They will learn how experts handled the situation and what tools were used to eradicate the attack’s aftermath.

Retain Customer and Client Loyalty

One of the major assets of any business is its loyal customer base. These people will always trust your business once they found something useful either products or services. However, when there is a data breach within the organization due to weak or flaws. Network Security then things will never be the same. There are live examples of once reputed brands gone missing from the field or market. Because they suffered from cyber-attacks and their customer start to disbelieve them and even stopped caring about them.

This can be a nightmare for any organization. But employing regular network security pen-testing means you are regularly keeping an eye on your security system. You can confidently assure your users that their data is in safe hands. Customers, clients, and even business partners without any hesitation. It will be trusting you and are interested in investing in your business.

Just make sure to hire an expert pen testing company that employs only the latest automated tools and manual strategies to make sure they are meeting your expectation and performing Network Security Testing in the best way possible.

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