In conversation with Salvatore Virzi

Salvatore Virzi is a successful entrepreneur who has grown his prowess in entrepreneurship. Besides being a successful entrepreneur, he is also an arid traveler who loves to explore different destinations. He has around 8+ years of professional experience. 

Here is an exclusive interview with Salvatore Virzi, in which he shares the details of his personal and professional journey. 

1. Tell us something about yourself? 

My name is Salvatore Virzi. I am married to Calogera Malaponti and I also have a son, Edoardo Virzi. My passions include photography, enjoying outdoor activities, and enjoying golf in my free time. I look forward to retiring to a secluded place where I get peace and serenity. 

2. How are you different from other professionals in your field? 

I believe that what makes me unique from other professionals is my unique approach and ability to build long-lasting relationships with my clients.  

3. What were the struggles and challenges that you faced in your professional journey?

My professional journey was not so smooth. It was a roller coaster ride but a fantastic one. If I hadn’t encountered those challenges along my way, I would not have been what I am today. I believe that you must follow your motivation. Don’t quit or give up, and you’re halfway there. You will either win or learn. 

4. What was the most significant part of your professional journey?

I am not an extravagant spender, but I am fond of cars. I have a huge collection of some of the most expensive cars. I consider it a good investment. 

5. What consumes most of your time? 

Watching sports consumes most of my time. It’s a stress reliever, so I love spending time watching sports. Besides that, I also like to explore social media, news, and stocks. 

6. Who has been your biggest inspiration in life?

I was deeply inspired by my grandfather. He had immense knowledge about everything. I got to learn a lot from him. 

7. Tell one person who has impressed you with their accomplishments? 

There are many people who have really impressed me with their life achievements. But I have a good friend who entered the business world in 2015. Even after having three kids, she has taken her business to new heights in a very short span. I think that she is doing incredibly well in life. 

8. What makes you go forward in challenging times? 

It’s my vision that keeps me driving forward even in tough times. It helps me stay focused on the bigger picture. I think the quote by John Maxwell, The secret to success is hidden in your daily routine. A positive attitude and goal-oriented mindset help me overcome obstacles that come my way. 

9. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received from someone?

The best advice I have ever received in life is to never focus on negative talks or thoughts. When you focus on negative thoughts, your energy starts to diminish. So, always place your energy in positive thoughts. 

10. What advice would you like to give to young professionals looking forward to becoming an entrepreneur? 

I believe that parents must motivate their children to follow what “they are good at.” You’ll enjoy innumerable rewards if you follow “what you’re good at.” Secondly, never stop learning new things. Try to explore different industries, roles, and careers and get support from mentors who can guide you on the right track. Thirdly, you must have a strong vision to keep moving forward. 

We wish you all the best in your future endeavors Mr. Virzi. Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule and sharing your valuable thoughts and advice with us. It was a pleasure speaking with you.

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