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Industrial Land For Sales: 1 Of The Real Estate Types



Industrial properties have many different users and structures, therefore it’s important to know who will rent them.

Understanding these properties’ fundamentals will help you find renters if you buy one.

Industrial Land For Sales

In its most basic description, industrial land is land that is zoned for industry but does not have any permanent structures on it.

In order for an industrial firm to operate, a property like this does not always need to have a building on its grounds. The property could be utilise for parking, storing gravel or mulch, or any other type of surface operation.

Purchasing industrial land also allows you to construct a structure from the ground up. Building on an industrial site has a lesser risk of long-term vacancies than other commercial real estate ventures due to historically low vacancy rates.

An investor with industrial land may advertise a build-to-suit opportunity, in which the landowner pays the upfront building costs and then leases the space to the tenant.

If you own industrial land, there are a few viable options for getting the most out of your development. It is critical to assess where your market’s local demand rests while developing anything.

Industrial Customization

You may have seen a “built to suit” sign on a piece of property before. A build to suit advertisement is made to firms that are searching for space to expand. In a build to suit situation, a landowner pays for the construction of a structure to the tenant’s requirements and then rents the structure to the tenant after it is completed.

Because they already have a tenant, industrial landowners can benefit from build to suit. Instead of building speculatively, someone pays you to add value.

Speculative structures, on the other hand, can be an excellent strategy to increase the value of your property. Building a “spec building” entails creating a structure only for the aim of immediately putting it on the market.

If your neighbourhood has a high need for general warehouse space, you may choose to build a new one. Speculative structures can be hazardous, yet beneficial if they meet a market gap.

Bulk Storage

The largest industrial product is bulk warehouse properties, which typically range from 50,000 to 1,000,000 square feet.

These assets are typically used for regional distribution of various products and necessitate high accessibility for trucks entering and exiting highway systems.

The majority of bulk warehouses are located outside of metro regions due to their enormous footprints, while some larger corporations, such as Amazon, are beginning to build multi-story industrial warehouses to save space.

Bulk warehouse tenants do occasionally send goods directly to consumers, but these warehouses are mostly used to store bulk commodities and serve as the primary supply chain for a variety of retailers and distributors.

Flexible Storage Facility

Flex Warehouse, as the name implies, is a versatile industrial device that may be use for a variety of purposes. These warehouses typically include some office space and can range in size from tiny mom and pop plumbers to regional granite distributors and more.

Flex warehouses can be found in both rural and densely populated metropolitan locations. This form of industrial real estate is known as “infill industrial” in metropolitan settings.

Because these types of buildings are so highly sought after by tenants and can accommodate a wide variety of users, infill industrial is a terrific way for CRE investors to get their feet wet in industrial real estate.

Manufacturing Heavy Equipment

Due to the use of heavy machinery, chemicals, and power requirements, heavy manufacturing space is frequently isolated within the most heavily industrialised parts of municipalities. Consider GM and DuPont as potential tenants for this type of industrial product.

Because heavy industrial properties are sometimes particularly specialise for the current user and their specific requirements, they are most often own by larger national firms or local owner users.

Because it’s inconvenient to transfer a huge business, tenants generally stay for decades, therefore you should consider buying a heavy manufacturing site with a tenant already in place.

Assembly of Lights

Light assembly industrial has some overlap with flex space, but unlike heavy manufacturing, light assembly space is primarily use to assemble materials and ship them out to distribution centres rather than manufacturing them.

Light assembly, like flex space, can be use for storage and office space (call centers, data centers).

Keeping Things Cold

Cold storage and refrigeration warehousing are exactly what they sound like: chilled storage for perishable foods and goods.

They are frequently utilise as distribution centres for chain supermarkets and require HVAC and insulation systems capable of supporting and maintaining temperatures ranging from 34 degrees to -10 degrees.

Since 2000, cold storage has risen substantially as consumers desire fresher food and grocery delivery. As supermarket delivery becomes more popular, grocers try to improve their services.In a few cities, same-day delivery has been establish, and this trend is not going away anytime soon. This level of timely service should continue to extend to additional urban areas in the coming years.

These spaces are built up intensively, similar to large manufacturing sites, and tenant retention can be very high.

Server Rooms

Data centres are complex facilities outfit with computer systems and networking equipment to store, process, distribute, or enable access to vast amounts of data.

Data centres offer essential services such data storage, backup and recovery, data management, and networking. These facilities manage Web sites, email, IM, cloud storage, apps, and e-commerce transactions, among other computer-intensive duties.

In today’s technologically advanced world, practically every organisation requires either its own data centre or access to another’s.

Data centres must be near key communication trunk lines and have a big, redundant power supply.

Computer and electrical systems, HVAC systems, backup generators, and other specialised equipment require strong floors.

Due to the high-tech, specialised equipment needed for these systems, new construction is expensive.

When building one of these facilities, it’s usually a good idea to collaborate with experts in the field.

Showroom for Industry

Industrial showrooms are a cross between retail and warehouse environments. This product enables producers to display their products in a more retail-like environment while still providing shipping and distribution.

Showrooms are frequently located near interstates to provide high visibility and quick access to customers. Around half of a showroom’s size is usually devote to sales.

Small businesses that make custom goods (like a woodshop) like these sites because they can explain their process to customers while saving money on shipping and storing.

Development and Research

Like other types of industrial real estate, research and development sites can accommodate a wide range of users. These sites can sometimes be classified as flex space because they are a hybrid of office, warehouse, and manufacturing space.

Electronics, biotechnology, chemicals, and medical development are common users, but anyone investigating new commodities or sciences can use it.

Some of these homes are highly specialise, with custom plumbing, ventilation, and electrical layouts to meet the needs of certain customers.

These structures are frequently find in industrial parks or on campuses with other similar companies.

Industrial Real Estate Foreign Investment

Foreign investment in American commercial real estate has focused on residential, office, retail, and hotel facilities, but industrial has risen.

Canadian, Chinese, German, and other international investors are finding stronger returns on their investments in US industrial real estate. According to a CBRE report, $14.4 billion in industrial real estate was purchase by foreign buyers last year, a 152 percent rise over the previous year.

Los Angeles, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Chicago are the top three markets, although Atlanta and New York are also investing.

Foreign investment is appealing to persons living abroad for a variety of reasons. Our legal system is one of the most stable in the world, notwithstanding its flaws. Foreigners perceive less corruption and fairer commercial dispute resolution due to the checks and balances system.

Laws can alter on the flip of a coin in certain other regions of the world, which could be terrible for an investor.

The attractiveness of US real estate to international investors is also influence by our liquidity and economic size.

Due to our large economy and many specialised, connected brokers, investors can sell their assets in a few of months.

As America’s industrial sector grows, foreign investment will play a large role in the acquisition and development of industrial real estate.

What Is Driving Industrial Real Estate Demand?

Hand-done jobs are becoming automated, decreasing labour costs and driving demand for industrial real estate.

More corporations are shifting to the U.S. because industrial plants require less human labour.

Businesses are also being influence by trade agreements and foreign policy to bring manufacturing back to the United States.

In the U.S., their businesses can gain economic stability and create more jobs.


E-commerce is also booming as traditional brick-and-mortar retail experiences revenue decreases as customers change their shopping habits online. Amazon, for example, can now distribute their products directly to consumers in some metropolitan areas within hours.

As technology progresses, more multinational firms are handling their operations in-house, increasing demand for industrial space.

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