Instagram’s Most Critical Statistics for 2021

Instagram’s usage has skyrocketed in recent years, significantly expanding its reach. Since its inception, the photo-sharing app has evolved significantly as a platform for tourists to share their vacation photos today, attracting a diverse range of influencers, advertisers, and corporations. It’s safe to assume that your audience and competition both utilize Instagram at the moment.

However, keeping up with Instagram trends (oh, and did we mention algorithm changes?) can be challenging at times. While your target customers may be skimming through their feeds at the moment, marketers must consider how and why they should be visible on Instagram.

Therefore, let’s begin with the top ten Instagram statistics for 2021 to shed light on Instagram’s growing importance for your organization.

How Popular Is Instagram?

Instagram is a picture and video-sharing social networking site that allows people to add and edit their images and videos. Instagram, which was initially popular among teenagers and young millennials, has maintained its position as one of the top social media networks.

If you’re unsure if your brand should invest time and money in Instagram, the massive user base should give you pause. Our team has created a guide on setting up an Instagram business to assist you in navigating the platform’s numerous complexities.

Utilization of Instagram Hashtags

Instagram is most definitely not an exception to this rule. Hashtags are widely used on Instagram, from businesses to Instagram influencers to the regular Joe.

And if you’re feeling very strategic, you might be interested to learn that Instagram’s most popular hashtag, #love, has been used over two million times. As a result, even if your post elicits a pleasant fuzzy sensation in your readers, it may be drowned out by the two million other posts with the same hashtag.

Instagram Is Popular With Young Adults

Understanding social media demographics will assist you in determining which platforms are most appropriate for your brand. This way, you’ll avoid wasting time generating content for a platform where your audience does not exist. Once you understand this, you can begin creating Instagram content relevant to your users’ needs and including all appropriate Instagram captions.

Daily, how much time do people spend on Instagram?

The amount of time individuals spend on Instagram is significant since the more time they spend in the app, the more adverts they see and the more chances they have to notice your company.

Additionally, Instagram stated that adding the Instagram Story feature doubled the number of time users spends on the app each day. However, the amount of time spent on Instagram is significant and the time of day when users are most active. In this manner, you’ll learn the optimal timing for your brand to publish on Instagram.

Businesses Are Getting Involved in Instagram

With Instagram’s growing popularity, an estimated 71% of US firms claim to utilize it for business purposes (Mention, 2018). Additionally, the same survey discovered that 7 out of every ten hashtags on Instagram are brand-related.

Additionally, more than 80% of organizations view Instagram interaction as the most critical measure. While Instagram interaction is a critical KPI for many businesses, measuring it is not straightforward. With the Instagram platform growing at a breakneck pace, staying current on updates and measuring isn’t easy.

Growth of Instagram Sponsored Content

Influencers releasing sponsored material on Instagram is a trend that shows no signs of slowing down. This is seen in the frequency with which these prominent influencers have used the hashtag #ad. Over a quarter (26%) of influencers with over a million followers include the hashtag #ad in their posts.

By comparison, less than one-fifth of influencers with fewer than one million followers and less than 2% of micro-influencers with fewer than ten thousand followers do so.

Utilization of Instagram Stories

Before Instagram stories, people shared their most significant moments, rarely shared daily. Instagram nailed it with Instagram stories, providing a compelling reason for individuals to share their regular occurrences without maintaining the content on their profile. Additionally, this is an excellent way for businesses to boost their visibility.

Instagrammers Subscribing to Brands

Brands can add additional contact information to their Instagram Business page, which is impossible with personal profiles. This provides a phone number and an address for the business. This may help you ascertain the content your reader prefers.

Thus, regardless of the niche, whether food, apparel, or anything else, you can be confident that people will follow you or your company on Instagram.

Why Instagram Engagement Is Important

While we recognize the importance of Instagram engagement for brands, the question of what Instagram engagement is and how it is evaluated persists. Instagram engagement refers to your followers’ level of interest in your Instagram content. This is performed through the use of likes, comments, and shares.

Instagram is a visual content-driven network, which contributes to its high engagement. It provides a platform for creating many forms of material, including images, videos, live videos, tales, and the IGTV app. This boosts content innovation by providing a diverse range of content types.

Instagram Has an Effect on the Shopping Experience of Buyers

We’ve already discussed Instagram’s impact on brands, but let’s take it a step further. Instagram aids in the decision-making process for 80 per cent of Instagram users when it comes to purchasing a product or service (Facebook, 2019).

According to Instagram users, they have purchased based on something they saw while browsing the platform. Influencer marketing also plays a significant role in influencing these purchasing decisions, which means that if your firm isn’t using Instagram as part of its social media marketing strategy, it’s missing out on a tremendous potential, mainly if your firm caters to millennials.

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