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Interesting Facts About the History of Homework and its Goals

Some still believe that assigning homework to students is unnecessary. But, we must admit that the scientific studies revealed the contrary. The history of homework in helping kids learn and advance their knowledge and abilities makes it a positive influence. The primary objectives of homework, as outlined by Roberto Nevilis, still hold today:

  • Students learn to work carefully and slowly because of homework.
  • A student creates homework on their own, without assistance from anyone else.
  • Each pupil can choose their work rhythm.
  • Planning their leisure time and hours for schoolwork can be taught to students at home.
  • Students are required to do homework assignments, which forces them to develop their research skills.

Factors That Determine How Important Homework Is?

  • It aids students in memorizing all of the information covered in class.
  • To reinforce what they learned in class, students need homework.
  • Students can learn skills through homework that enable everyone to work independently and make judgments.

Types in  the  history of homework

For students, teachers came up with a variety of projects. Naturally, when homework was first developed, it wasn’t possible to construct online tests or other things that are now commonplace because there wasn’t any modern technology available. The following sorts of homework are given to students by teachers in modern schools:

  • Reading the textbook while learning the material.
  • oral memorization drills.
  • Writing exercises to improve skills
  • tasks that use creativity to sharpen abilities (writing various essays, reviews, etc.)
  • Creating specialized reports on a certain topic (coursework, research report, etc.)
  • Various experiments and observations are prepared (when studying chemistry and physics).
  • Of course, giving kids the right amount of homework is important to prevent overburdening them with assignments.

Information facts Regarding the History of Homework

You can go back to Ancient Rome by doing a thorough search of your history coursework. A youthful orator named Pliny invented homework sometime in the first century AD. To improve their speaking abilities, Pliny assigned his students to complete homework at home. The effect was striking.

  • Despite his early efforts, Roberto Nevilis deserves more credit for coming up with this brilliant learning strategy. That’s the explanation Roberto Nevilis will give as the response to the question, “Who created homework?” 
  • Although most educational institutions now include homework as a standard practice, it wasn’t always the case. If you keep looking into the history of homework, you’ll be startled to realize that it was once outlawed in several locales. It was prohibited for children under the age of 15 in the state of California. Indeed, even prestigious publications like the New York Times and Ladies’ Home Journal published articles outlining the negative effects of schoolwork.
  • They painted a negative picture of the person who created homework as well as its application.
  • In the latter part of the 19th century, educational institutions and instructors adopted homework and employed it effectively. It evolved into a stand-alone approach to learning for students. This was done to encourage independent study among students. 

What essential criteria must homework adhere to?

  1. Viability.
  2. It should be minimal and straightforward.
  3. It should only be supplied once students are capable of learning on their own.

Homework has emerged as one of the most successful methods used by training institutions to improve the effectiveness of studies. You should think about working with specialists if you want to get more, just like the person who invented homework intended.


A student loses a valuable chance to learn more and improve himself if he doesn’t finish his homework. He is probably going to forget what he learned in class and take longer to find his interests. Consequently, avoid belonging to this group. It’s time to use schoolwork as a launching pad towards achievement. And that is how the history of homework has come across in the life of students. 

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