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Interior Design Tips to Update Your Old Bathroom

A bathroom upgrade does not only deliver style. It can dramatically enhance the functionality of your space. For instance, upgrading your fixtures with the latest brands and designs can reduce water and electricity costs. Additionally, installing new structures—such as shelving, cabinetry, and a wardrobe organizer NZ homeowners recommend—can make it more convenient.

Most importantly, updating your bath is one of the most practical property upgrades that can increase the value of your home. Whether installing a new tub, replacing the tiling and backsplashes, adding a vanity sink, or changing to more durable fixtures, expect over 100% return at resale.

If you’ve been planning to renovate your bathroom but lack the inspiration to draft a design, we provided some interior design and layout upgrades for you!

Functional and Stylish Bathroom Design Inspirations

These design and organisation tips will transform your old and outdated room into a comfortable and convenient space.

Reimagine your bathroom colour palette.

Choosing the right colour palette for your bathroom can change this space’s atmosphere. According to NZ remodelling professionals, the soft and light vibes of neutral colours, including off-whites, blue-greens, and light greys, can enhance your bathroom’s relaxing ambience.

Let your chosen colour themes guide you in selecting the textures, materials, lighting, and fixtures you want to add to your renovation design. Try natural materials, such as wood, stones, and textiles, and complement them with indoor plants.

Replace dim and faulty light fixtures.

Enhance the feeling you want to convey through your chosen palette with the perfect combination of bathroom light fixtures. Let go of your dim and faulty bulbs and replace them with two or three of these fixtures below.

Pendant lighting is a great way to modernise your bath and an effective general lighting option. Style your walls and vanity mirror with LED lighting or sconces, depending on your chosen theme. Recessed lighting is a good mood setter, especially if you want a tranquil evening in the tub.

Refresh grout or upgrade your flooring.

If retiling is not an option, you can opt to redo your grout instead. Getting rid of the unsightly accumulation of dirt and grease stuck in this porous material is a refreshing upgrade.

Another option is to change your grout colour from dark to a lighter palette. Aside from creating a seamless flooring and backsplash look, this upgrade can protect your surfaces from moisture and cracking.

Install shelving and upgrade your cabinetry.

If you want a clean and organised bathroom, don’t forget to incorporate ample storage into your design. Bathroom storage solutions are waterproof and are resistant to mould and other fungal growth.

If you want to add a walk-in closet to your master bath, installing a wardrobe organiser is your best choice. A well-designed wardrobe system improves your bathroom’s functionality. These shelving and cabinets can fit small spaces without compromising their capacity to accommodate bath essentials, clothes, clean towels and robes, jewellery, and even hardware.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to update your bathroom space. Consider these tips, set your budget, and look for quality contractors and manufacturers to support and supply your renovation project!

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