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Introduction To SAP SD: Sub- Modules & Features

To begin with, SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) is one of the primary functioning Modules in SAP ERP. Above all, it manages all the activities related to the sales and distribution of a company. In addition, this module is useful in integrating with other modules such as Production Planning, Quality Management, Human Resource. Etc. Above all, SAP SD benefits an organization by storing the data related to products & customers. In addition, it is useful in recording the data related to various transactions and activities of a company.

Sub Modules of SAP SD

  • Master Data- This sub-module allows the users to track every transaction. Processes from ordering the product to cash flow are managed under this module.
  • Basic Functions- It ensures an effective and efficient process in all the basic functions of sales and distribution. After that, this sub-module carries activities such as pricing & output.
  • Sales- This sub-module is responsible for handling the details related to every sale. Along with sales details, this module also consists of customer details and feedbacks.
  • Shipping- It records every step in the process of shipping a product to its delivery or return. In addition, it generates the necessary documents and manages the transportations.
  • Transportation- It is related to shipping and it keeps a record of every data from transportation. Further, it also supports the collection of logistic information.
  • Foreign Trade- This module records the data indulged in foreign trade such as imported and exported products. Therefore, it’s useful for the businesses that are regularly indulged in foreign trade.
  • SAP SD Billing- As the name suggests, this module organizes the billing data in an appropriate manner. It further allows creating invoices in a manual or automatic way.
  • SAP SD Sales Support- It records the data exchanges between the sales team and the customers. As the sales team plays a very significant role in maintaining customer relationships, this module provides support to the sales staff too.

Features Of SAP SD

SAP SD is useful in implementing the business processes based on the selling and billing of products. Further, it is responsible for integrating the flow of data to other SAP modules. Above all, this module of SAP allows a user to operate with multiple languages, and moreover, it provides automatic conversion between the currencies according to SAP’s real-time currency rate.

Knowing about these features can be helpful if you are planning to choose SAP SD as a career. Above all, one can further learn this course and its functionalities as various institutions provide SAP SD Training in Delhi

Above all, a user can create pricing schemes on the basis of customers, goods sold, special promotions. Etc. After that, it ensures a simple order entry and assures access to all order details from a single window. In addition, the stored data can be reported by the user in various formats and the sales documents can be processed effectively. Some of the significant features of SAP SD are as follows-

  • Pricing & Taxation
  • Availability Check
  • Generating Bills & invoices
  • Material Discrimination
  • Managing Credit
  • Account Determination
  • Manage Consignments
  • Generate Credit & Debit Memo
  • Rush Orders & Cash Sales


SAP SD is a useful module in SAP ERP. It helps in managing and recording the sales & distribution activities of a company. Above all, this module of SAP records the data from all the transactions of a company. Talking about the career opportunity, this course has great career options as it is used by companies worldwide. In conclusion, one can learn it from various institutions that provide SAP SD Training in Noida. Further, SAP SD is classified into several sub-components on the basis of its uses.

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