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Is A Pool Heat Pump Or Solar Pool Heater Best For Your Pool?

Solar pool heaters or Pool heat pumps? Which is Best for you?

To extend your swimming season, you must install a pool heater! Different swimming pool heaters are available on the market, including electric, gas, heat pump, and solar heating system. Are you looking for a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly pool heating solution? Choose a swimming pool heat pump or solar pool heater to make your swimming experience gratifying without denting your pocket.

Here we will walk you through the benefits of pool heat pumps and solar pool heaters and mention their drawbacks, so you can better decide which eco-friendly pool heating alternative you want to install.

Pool Heat Pump

A heat pump, with the help of electricity, ingests heat from the outside air. The temperature present in the air is converted into a higher temperature, which is then transferred into the pool water, heating the pool. Whether the outside air is cool or warm, heat pumps can efficiently warm the pool water using less energy than electric and gas heaters. Nonetheless, as heat pumps rely on the outside air’s temperature, they can get less effective if the temperature drops significantly.

Benefits of Pool Heat Pump:

  • Pool heat pumps are one of the most cost-efficient pool heaters available on the market.
  • Heat pumps are environmentally friendly and won’t produce harmful emissions.
  • Heat pumps are manufactured to last. With proper maintenance, a pool heat pump can last twice as long as other pool heating devices.
  • The pool heat pump depends on outside temperature rather than sunlight; thus, it can operate in any climatic conditions.

Drawbacks of Pool Heat Pump:

  • Compared to other heaters, pool heat pumps require a longer time to heat a pool.
  • Pool heat pumps depend on the ambient air, so they require the outer atmosphere to be at least 15 degrees Celsius to function efficiently.
  • Installing a heat pump requires a specific electrical breaker.

Solar Pool Heater

Solar pool heaters use the sun’s freely available energy to warm up the swimming pool water. The pool’s water is pumped via a filter to the solar collector, usually mounted on a roof. The collector assimilates heat from the sun and transmits the heat to the water that moves through the system. Solar pool heaters are an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient option. Solar heaters will include automated sensors and flow control valves, and these features will ascertain the water’s temperature. The flow control valve will steer water via the solar collectors to warm it up when the sun is out, and the pool’s water is cold. Conversely, if the pool water is too hot, the control valves will not allow any additional hot water to enter the swimming pool.

Benefits of Solar Pool Heating:

  • Solar heaters are environmentally friendly, as they do not discharge harmful emissions.
  • Solar pool heating systems require low maintenance.
  • Solar panels need sunlight to heat the pool water, so your pool will be heated as long as the sun shines.
  • Even if the cloud covers the sun, still solar heaters will work.

Drawbacks of Solar Pool Heating:

  • Solar pool heating systems can only use the accumulated heat, so they can’t provide consistent heat on demand.
  • Solar heaters have the slowest heating time compared to other conventional pool heaters.
  • Solar panels won’t be able to operate during the night hours as there is no sunlight.
  • Moving a solar heating system is difficult as it involves a lengthy process.
  • The solar pool heater’s design is considered unattractive.

The Bottom Line

Indeed, a pool heat pump and a solar pool heater are cost-effective and eco-friendly options for heating your swimming pool water and extending your swimming season. Prudently choose a swimming pool heater from the two economical options after thoroughly considering the climatic conditions in your region and the type of heating system that will best suit your requirements.

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