Is Real Leather Expensive?

Real Leather is always expensive as it undergoes various steps before it comes to the Market. Before all this, the animals are also taken proper care of and are fed from time to time. So all these processes take time of almost one year to extract real and healthy leather. Dealing with leather is also a difficult task as it requires different equipment to design different leather products. Also, a great experience is required as if the product goes wrong while making, everything is done from the start again which may be tiring for people.

Some companies sell Leather wallets online along with leather purses, belts, bags, and so on. There are offline stores too which have particular things made up of leather. But it gets difficult for people to find a real leather product. The market is full of fake leathers. Not every item is made of real leather, rather some items are made up of real and artificial leather mixed/ bonded or only the artificial/ faux ones. The other two are not that expensive and seem like leather itself, but it is not real leather. Full-grain leather comes under high-grade leather which is the most expensive of all. It can be identified through the imperfections it has and is thick and known for its durability.

How to Identify Real Leather?

There are different kinds of leather ranging from real leather to faux ones. It is not that easy to identify if the product is real leather. But, here are some points which will help you in identifying real leather.

  • The Difference in the Cost

Real leather products are expensive when compared to the other bonded and faux leather products. Leather products are difficult to manufacture.

  • Durability

Real leathers are very rough and tough to use. It has a great durability power as the skin of the product doesn’t peel off. Real leather, if it gets scratched, doesn’t make any difference, rather it can be used for a long time as it has a long-lasting effect. Leather is also breathable and doesn’t fade even after long use.

  • Texture and Appearance

Real leather products look very natural. The color options are limited and have a very inconsistent and rough appearance, but it is soft to touch. And also its texture is smooth.

  • Sustainable

Real leather is made up of dead animals’ skin. Animals grown for their flesh and skin are used to make real leather. And, so it can be said that leather is the byproduct. But leathers are eco-friendly. It is very costly and also tough to manufacture.

  • Not Easy to Clean

Real leather products are absorbent naturally and so are not that easy to clean especially when it comes to liquid things, the real leather absorbs the liquid quite fast and hence, leaves stains which makes it difficult to wipe off. It should be taken proper care to retain its quality as it gets dry after years and to keep it as soft as earlier, it must be treated well.

  • Smell

Real leather smells like animal skin and also like burnt hair. It has an organic smell which makes it different from fake leather products.


Real leather is always the best option to choose rather than those bonded and faux leather products. Yes, real leather products are quite expensive such as Men’s leather wallets bifold which can be expensive if made of real leather. They are long-lasting and friendly and also have a long durability power. It makes the product look classy and rich. People must go for a quality product and so real leather products are the best to select.

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